Ten 10 Twitter Tweets for November 1

It’s National Adoption Awareness month … and today is All Saints Day … are they connected? Sounds like a lot of love and caring …adoption






Here’s your Top Ten Tweets for the past week


Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are Author U’s Top Ten Tweets from the past week that you may have missed …

Success & Resources

One of the top 5 mistakes fiction authors make: rushing to publish. http://ow.ly/ehW2j

Calling all authors—there is an agent for you and your book if you look and seek assistance to get published. http://ow.ly/ehVMp

Writing Smarts

Today is Nat’l Writing Month—start your masterpiece! http://ow.ly/ehYsv

10 Rules for Writers in writing ficiton by bestselling authors. http://ow.ly/ehYB3

Social Media and Marketing Strategies

Authors-are you using photos in your blog? Here’s top mistakes commonly made from @publicityhound: http://ow.ly/ehVw0

Tips for authors in doing book promo to engage followers using social media: http://ow.ly/ehVpL

Authors – Are your ebook sales the pits? Here’s 7 Reasons why: http://ow.ly/ehVeD

What Happened To Facebook Pages’ Reach? http://t.co/LNQamw3B [Good update!]

10 Reasons Why Your Content Doesn’t Attract Links via @CopyPress http://ow.ly/ehlE5

Very Cool!

The amazing cover and book designer Chip Kidd weighs in on today’s books. From a TED talk. http://ow.ly/epHW2


Bonus: Last week’s Your Guide to Book Publishing was with Karen Susman who revealed strategies and insider tidbits how to structure a speech and tips on where to market your talk, and book to—if that sounds like you to market your work, this podcast is for you! http://rsrn.us/youpublish or you can download directly from the AuthorU.org website.

This afternoon, Brian Jud will focus on strategies to get you and your book on radio and TV, as well as how to take control of the interview. You can link to it off the Home page on the AuthorU.org website.

Don’t forget to fill out “About” on your FB page. It’s what people see! Add your URL there. And make sure that it shows your email to contact you at, not FB’s


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