The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors and Writers

CrowdFunding Is a Trend … Not a Fad!

You’ve written a book … and now you need money for design and printing; money for marketing; money to develop a website; even money for a PR campaign. Money. If your resources are low and your bank yawns when you approach it, there’s another way.

Welcome to OPM—Other People’s Money … money that is given to you and money that you don’t have to pay back. Welcome to Crowdfunding.

You want the odds to be on your side. You want to be in the 30 percent minority that succeeds if you are an author or author-to-be. Not the 70 percent that don’t.

CrowdfundingThe CrowdFunding Guide for Authors and Writers will show you how to:

  • Create rewards that are slick, click and tick with donors.
  • Identify timelines: pre, during and post a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Determine which crowdfunding sites are best for authors and writers.
  • Pinpoint the essentials that every successful crowdfunding campaign has.
  • Get hot tips for creating momentum and the final push.
  • Structure a social media checklist that’s ideal for your project.



Here’s the guide you’ve been looking for that is easy and understandable—one that shows you how to set budgets and limit costs. Does crowdfunding work? Yes. Is it doable? Absolutely … with some help. 

With The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors and Writers, you’ve got Judith Briles at your side. As The Book Shepherd and publishing expert, all her crowdfunded authors have been over-funded. You can be too.

Judith provides a great resource to her author community. By spreading awareness and educating on new trends, she’s providing the needed resources for authors to learn and be prepared for success in publishing. Bravo to Briles; she has done it again.” -Amanda Barbara, CEO of Pubslush

ISBN: 978-1-885331-57-1 CrowdFunding | Publishing | Authors