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See below for a list of our current Premier Partners. Each company name is clickable to an information page. If you are interested in becoming our next Premier Partner, you can learn about our program and benefits by clicking here.

Aha Amplifier ful


The Aha Amplifier allows you to write a book in 2-10 hours composed of 140 twitter-sized quotes. It can be completely new content, crowdsourced from an audience or created from and used to promote your existing book. For more details, click here »

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Ship Your Books 


Authors – have your behind the scenes production, warehousing and shipping of your physical information products handled so you can focus on marketing and product creation. For more details, click here »

The Book ShepherdBadge samp 1


The Book Shepherd delivers Practical Advice, Strategies, and Resources for Authors and Books. Dr. Judith Briles is The Book Shepherd. To get full details of The Book Shepherd’s services, click here »

Cornerstone Virtual AssistanceCornerstoneVirtualAssistance1 copy


The perfect remote eyes and hands that every author needs. Kelly Johnson knows computers, gadgets, technology and “gets” how authors need to communicate online and in print. To get full details of Cornerstone Virtual Assistance services, click here »

Editing and Indexing by Johnsa


Every author needs an editor. Some authors need an Index—you get both under one roof. To get full details of Editing by John services, click here »



IngramSpark is a one stop publishing platform that delivers print and digital distribution services to the book industry via print on demand. To get full details of IngramSpark services, click here »

NZ GraphicsNZbanner2010 copy


Nick Zelinger creates book covers and interior designs that are customized for each author in a fast and flexible of ideas and concepts that will create the perfect book. Multi-awarded interior and cover designer. To get full details of NZ Graphics services, click here »


Sheridan Bookssheri


A leading book manufacturer providing publishers with complete book manufacturing services. To get full details of Sheridan Books services, click here »


Thomson-Shore image_preview copy


Helping you put your best book forward is what Thomson-Shore is all about. They create better book manufacturing solutions for authors from 200 or 50,000 copies. To get full details of Thomson-Shore services, click here »

Total Printing SystemsUntitled-1

ARCs and short print runs of up to 1,000 copies are a specialty of Total Printing Systems PLUS we can manufacture just about any trim size with little waste and offer some of the most competitive prices available. To get full details of Total Printing Systems services, click here »




1106 Design

1106 Design is your one-stop source for manuscript editing, book design, and self-publishing advice, with hand-holding. We offer best-seller quality 1106-design copymanuscript editing, book cover design, and book interior design services to make your book as good as it can be, one that will impress buyers and reviewers alike.

If you’re overwhelmed with the conflicting and often suspect information offered online by large companies catering to the “hobbyist” publisher, rest easy. We’re NOT a self-publishing company. We’ll patiently walk you through all the necessary steps to self-publish your book the legitimate (and profitable) way.

You’ll talk to real people who fell in love with books a long time ago, not telemarketers working from a script. We’ll work closely with you to create a beautiful, easy-to-read book that others will fall in love with, too.

When your book is complete, every penny of revenue is yours, forever (other than printing costs and unavoidable retailer discounts). We never “share” your profits. We’ll offer helpful advice, specific to your situation, and we’ll even tell you if you don’t need one of our services. (The nuns who taught us are dead, but they’re still watching.)

Book publishing is a fiercely competitive business. Amazon will display your book next to similar best sellers, so your book must measure up to succeed. For complete information, please visit our website where you can subscribe to our weekly Tips and Tools and download my free book, “Publish Like the Pros: A Brief Guide to Quality Self-Publishing.”

We work for authors across the US, and beyond. All you need is a completed manuscript and an Internet browser. Let’s go!


Bublish is a publishing technology company that offers cloud-based tools, metrics, and resources to equip today’s business-savvy authors for success. An innovative, award-winning platform, Bublish empowers “authorpreneurs” by providing a complete social marketing and digital publishing solution. Launched at Book Expo America in June of 2012, Bublish is changing the way writers share their stories and reach their readers. Thousands of authors around the world use Bublish to promote their work and build their brand. www.bublish.com Follow us: @BublishMefacebook.com/bublishmepinterest.com/bublishbublishme.tumblr.com and bit.ly/BublishGoogle.

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