Authors: Your Big Four Questions for the New Year… Advice from the Book Coach / Book Shepherd

Your Big Four Questions for the New Year…

It’s that time of the year … you’ve just completed the Holidays; you have good intentions pouring from everything cell of your being; and then, January progresses to February. The diet ends; the New Year’s resolutions start to tank; and you are back doing the same thing as you’ve always done.

Here are four questions to ask yourself as your kick-start your authoring and publishing year:

1. What will you stop doing? Are you listening to the wrong people/ advisors—are there energy suckers in your life—are you procrastinating … all talk, no action—are you addicted to all things electronic forgetting that sometimes a written word does the trick or that you don’t need to be tethered to your iPhone/Blackberry/Droid, etc.?

2. What will you keep doing? What’s working that has kept you moving forward—who and what stimulates/inspires you with new ideas—who and what are positive supports?

3. What will you keep doing, but with a twist? What has shown some progress or positive results that might take-off with a tweak or two—is there someplace or someone that has served as a type of muse that with more time, could take you to another level—is there a marketing or networking tweak that you could do that would allow you to further niche your work?

4. What will you start doing? What’s on your “wish” list—what have read/seen/heard about that might be a fit for your book and work—how in depth have you gone with social media—have you reached out for guest blogging—creating your “Like” page on Facebook—using hash tags to bring others to you?

What will you do for 2011 that will create the Rock Star in you?

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