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Everyone communicates differently.

Judith is available and at your service and via whatever channel you prefer to use the most:

  • If you’re a Phone person, here’s the office: 720-588-9838 or our CEO Judith Briles’ number: 303-885-2207
  • If you’re a Skype person, here’s Judith Briles’ contact: Judith.Briles
    Note: she will only accept connections from those that 1-she either knows or 2-she has interacted with via email confirming a Skype meeting.
  • If you’re a Twitter person, here is the handle: @AuthorYOUBooks 
  • If you’re a Facebook person, here is the page:
  • If you’re a Google+ person, here is the page:   Join the Community, Author YOU
  • If you‘re a LinkedIn person, join the AuthorYOU group  
  • If you’re a Pinterest person, here is the page:
  • If you’re a Snail Mail person, here’s the office address: 8122 S. Quatar Circle, Aurora, CO 80016
  • If you’re a Write It Out person, type an eMail message below right now: