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Do you dream of getting your book published? Are you ready to bring your book to market? Do you have a book you would like to see find more readers and buyers? Are you committed to being seriously successful?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place …



AuthorU is the place to connect with peers and professionals who can lend guidance and support to help you navigate the forever evolving publishing landscape. Many useful benefits and discounts will be immediately accessible to you when you become a member.

Author U will fast-forward your learning curve and keep you out of trouble – whether it’s writing, publishing, or marketing trouble. You will quickly learn all the do’s and don’ts and start to move further and faster than would ever be possible on your own.

Smart authors and independent publishers are investing in their growth and success by joining AuthorU, taking advantage of both online and onsite events. We over a free basic membership, the perfect way for newcomers to test the publishing waters. If you want more help kicking off, you will find your Gold or Bestseller membership to be the best money you’ll ever spend on your book.

AuthorU can help you if you whether you want to publish your book yourself (independent publishing) or sell it to NY (traditional). In any scenario, to be a
successful author, you need to learn how to:

  • create titles that soar;
  • structure your book;
  • not get duped by publishers, publishing and others who want your money;
  • learn the dollars and sense of the publishing world;
  • find an agent;
  • get a distributor in North America;
  • pick the right people for your publishing team;
  • how to pick the right editor for your project;
  • get the media buzzing about you;
  • learn printing options;
  • discover how to get foreign rights;
  • learn what needs permissions and what doesn’t;
  • not create a mediocre book;
  • and so, so much more  …

We offer three membership levels for authors: BASIC, GOLD and BESTSELLER

All levels have lots of perks, freebies and discounts so be sure to take a closer look at everything that is offered at all the levels to see what is right for you.

Those of you who are current “regular” members will now be classified as GOLD. The other categories are BASIC and BESTSELLER.

For those who are author and publishing service providers we offer ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP and PREMIER PARTNERSHIPS for vetted companies. Take action today and join AuthorU!

AuthorU Membership Options

There are single and joint membership (BASIC, GOLD, DUO, BEST SELLER) options along with publishing providers (PREMIER PARTNER and ASSOCIATE) … scroll down to see which fits you:




NOVELLA (6 Month Free Membership)

A perfect start for aspiring authors to become part of our community, learn basic information about the world of publishing, what you will need to succeed as an author, your publishing options and tips to market and sell your book. Learn more…


cart_button_5Novella: 6 month Free Membership



GOLD ($99/Year or $9.99/Month)

A great place for authors with the necessary commitment to educate yourself, connect with like-minded individuals, and learn from professionals who can help you realize your writing, publishing and marketing goals. Access to our extensive library of archived webinars and training materials, includes special Early Bird pricing for all Events. Learn more…


cart_button_5Gold: $9.99/Month


cart_button_5Gold: $99/Year


Gold Duo MembershipGOLD DUO

If you are an author/publishing couple – in a personal or professional relationship – take advantage of our GOLD Duo Membership. You get full memberships for $150, saving $48. Otherwise, one joins at the regular GOLD rate of $99, and the partner will pay for all events at the increased “guest” rate.

cart_button_5Gold Duo: $150/Year




For authors and independent publishers who are ready to turn passions into profits. This level secures and prepays your spot at all AuthorU programs and provides you with the deepest discounts available for everything AuthorU and its Partners offer—this saves you over $1,000! There are two options here based on where you are located. Learn more…


BESTSELLER ($970/Year or $97/Month)
For members anywhere.

cart_button_5Best Seller: $97/Month


cart_button_5Best Seller: $970/Year


BESTSELLER LOCAL ($1470/Year or $147/Month)
For local members who are in able to take full advantage of in-person, events in the Greater Denver area.

cart_button_5Best Seller (Local): $147/Month


cart_button_5Best Seller (Local): $1470/Year


Associate MembershipASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP ($150/Year includes GOLD BENEFITS)

Service providers gain access with Author U members by receiving notation regarding what they provide in our membership directory as well as receiving a link on our Associate Providers list on the Author U website.





AU-PremierPartner-badgePREMIER PARTNER ($500/Year)

Only a select number of publishing providers can be Premier Partners. Your logo is featured on our Home page; you have a one page presence on our website; you get a quarterly ad in our ezine The Author Resource (value $1400); you are invited to create a quarterly column and deliver guest blog posts on our blog; you are “doubled” and carried as a provider on the website Associate page under Resources; you are featured in a separate section under Premier Partners under Resources tab; you will be featured as a guest on our weekly radio podcast AuthorU – Your Guide to Book Publishing that is listened to via 300,000 downloads a month. To participate, your investment is only $500 annually.