Is There a Book in You? How’s It Doing? Get Resources for Success

Question: If you are an Author, are you happy with your book sales?

Question: Would you like to be an Author of a successful Book?

Question: Do you really know how Authors become rock stars who get minimal advances, if any, yet soar?

Question: Would you be thrilled with a few hundred copies of your book sold (average is less than 500) or would you like to sell thousands?


Answers: The answers are in front of you. Within the massive amount of blogs that have been created within AuthorU, AuthorYOU and, the radio show AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing, the answers are there.

You will come away with:

• how to create a great book signing event
• how to get your book into book stores
• how to create great sales 
• the steps successful authors take that ones that limp along don’t
• new friends in the authoring community



Is There a Book in You? How’s It Doing? Do you want Resources for Success?  The AuthorYOU community and Judith Briles bring it to you on a weekly basis. For your years. For  your eyes. For your experience.

Dive in and discover what you have been missing.


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