Rave Reviews

Great show, as always. Very well participated, very knowledgeable authors. I look forward to coming back next year.

Dave Raymond

This has got to be one of the best deals, best programs, best information for anybody writing a book, thinking about writing a book, having written a book, trying to figure out how to market and sell your book. I would skip my vacation and come to this conference.

Greg Godek

I cannot tell you how much value I have gotten out of this conference. It is extraordinary. I feel like I’m leaving with the positioning, resources and networking all in place. It could not have been better.

Nancy Rose

Phenomenal conference! I never dreamed it would be this good. I have been blown away.

Pat Morgan

Judith Briles handles everything with incredible professionalism. I connected with just the right people for me to re-jump start my career as an author and a speaker. I feel like this is an amazing value, and that’s why I decided to sign up for next year. I’m looking forward to another great round.

Susan Mead

If you’re looking for the best in content, how to package a book, get it sold to publishers and market it, this is the place to be. Judith puts her heart and soul into getting the right people in the room for you. You’ve got to check out Author U next year!

Bret Ridgway

I have spent the three most amazing days of my life with Judith Briles and her tribe at Author U. I go to a lot of events. I’m privileged to speak at many events, but there is nothing like Author U. If you’re an aspiring author or someone who really wants to learn how to do it the right way and get your heart, your vision and your voice out there to the world, you have to connect with Judith Briles.

Carol McManus

I attended the 2013 Author U, and I was one of the lucky people to be able to be in front of the shark tank and get honest feedback about my book, my brand and everything else going on. If you’re thinking about doing this next year, sign up early. It’s definitely worth your while to do!

Louis Delaware

I came here to speak at Judith’s conference to teach other people about how to get publicity for their books. I am coming away from this conference with about a thousand more ideas for my own business…about how to write my own books and market them and just be a better business person. That’s the value of these Author U events. It’s an absolute blast…don’t miss it!

Joan Stewart

Judith: Awesome, fabulous extravaganza my second year. I’ll be back. Thank you!

Gail Mencini

I recommend Author U to everyone. It’s been a transformative event for me, and I’ve been to author events for the past three years. This has been the best.

Mike Hance

Excellent. Met some great people and learned important things as I put my feet on the path that leads to published work(s).

Gordy Tucker

Today was my first time attending one of your events, and I was completely impressed. I intend to attend as many of this group’s future events as possible. 🙂

Cheryl Eberhart

Great; very helpful.

Jane Withers

This was the most informative meeting that I have ever attended on writing and publishing. Everyone there was helpful, positive, and actually moving froward with their books. It was really a pleasure to spend the morning with each and everyone. Thank you Judith. I will be joining Author U.

Carol Ferguson

Terrific. Very interactive and supported the needs of the individuals but was instructive to the whole group as well. Got good direction and have s whole new “to do” list. Thanks.

Rhondda Hartman

Very informative and positive. This is a group for do’ers, not observers and not for the faint of heart. A lot of information was shared and a definitive starting point for myself defined. I am looking forward to the next meeting.

John Miller

The place for writers to meet and support each other.

AJ White

Terrific conversations – lots of information/content/ideas shared at the event.

Richard Oppenheim

Off the charts event … as always!

Shannon Parrish