Premier Partnership Program

What’s a Premier Partner?

In a nutshell … a vendor or provider of services to authors and publishers who consistently gets excellent feedback from their customers. Printers, Interior Designers, Cover Designers, Consultants, Program Designers, Legal Advice, Publishers, eBooks, Audio Books, Distribution, Promotions, Publicity and just about anything that creates, enhances, strategizes, develops, and leads to the successful publication of an Author U’s members’ book.

Premier Partners provide special discounts to Author U members that are not normally enjoyed by non-members.

Each year, Author U holds a two-day Author U Extravaganza —a BootCamp that is designed to offer up to six extensive workshops for participants. Premier Partners get preferred Exhibitor rates for exhibiting.

Premier Partners get their own page on the Author U website and they have the ability to email members directly with special offers.

If that sounds like you and you would like to participate, then contact Judith Briles about participating in the Premier Partner collaboration that is unique to the Author U community. Either email her by clicking here or call 303-885-2207.