Writer’s Block Stinks!

As writers, we are expected to create consistently for our livelihood. But what happens when that creativity has problems expressing itself? That’s right, folks; I’m talking about the dreaded writer’s block.

We all get it: That horrible feeling when you sit down to type or write out some great material only to find that you seem to have lost every idea you’ve ever had. Your fingers lie stagnant, waiting for the inspiration to come, and it seems that it never does. You feel incomplete without your writing ability; how will you ever regain that inspiration that sets you apart as a writer? Will it ever come back?

Here’s the thing: Yes, it will.

I know that it can feel like the end of your writing career as you know it when you experience writer’s block, even if you only write as a hobby. But you can’t be expected to always have a fresh, new idea to expand on every second of every day. The metaphor I like to use is that nothing in nature blooms all year long, so you as a writer shouldn’t make an expectation for yourself to write something new and incredible every time you write something down.

If writing is your job, and writer’s block seems like an obstacle in the way of your literal income, there are steps you can take when writer’s block occurs to ease back into the bout of inspiration that serves you as a writer.

First, recognize that writer’s block is okay, and happens to everyone who writes frequently. It is just another part of the process, and the only way to get out of it is to go through it.

Next. take a step back and try to understand why you might be having writer’s block.

  • Do you have other things on your mind?
  • Does the topic you are writing on seem worn out?
  • Do you need a change of scenery?

If you can identify why you are having writer’s block, you may be able to find a simple solution that will work for you.

If your writing space has become monotonous, go for a walk or try writing in a different location.

If you feel like your writing is bland and has been covering the same topic for a long time, find a new exciting approach to that topic.

If all else fails, take a deep breath, and realize that this is not permanent, and the inspiration will come back.

Writer’s block stinks, and can be especially scary if your livelihood depends on your writing. But as long as you remember that it isn’t forever and that you are not a bad writer because of it, you will start to be able to get through the writer’s block process.



About Megan Poczos
Megan is finishing up her writing degree from the University of Colorado Denver. She is working on her first novel, What It Seems … but may not be!, and has big plans for her writing in the future. She is AuthorU’s intern and loves the experiences she has in getting to work with so many incredible people.    

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