11 Reasons Why Authors Should PRINT Books Today

Too many authors today are missing a GIGANTIC ship … printing their book physically. eBooks are important and should be in every author’s mix. After all, what book buying pool do you want to be in … the kiddie pool or the adult. Print books are still close to 70 percent of all retail buys ($700,000,000 in 2014) … that includes online purchases a la Amazon and BN.com. That means the other 30 percent is eBook land. Yep, the kiddie pool. Don’t miss your ship! book ship

The savvy author does both. At AuthorU,  several top notch printers are recommended to members and details of their services and contact info is carried under Resources on the AuthorU.org site and Premier and Associate Partners. Companies like Color House Graphics, Thomson Shore, Four Colour Print Group, King Printing, Total Printing Systems and Sheridan Books. For eBooks, IngramSpark is at the top of the AuthorU list for quality, especially with color and it’s ability to connect with book stores (yes Virginia, book stores will order from Ingram and so well libraries).

Two years ago, Amazon launched the MatchBook program –a bundling of buying the print book and getting the eBook from free to $2.99 at the same time. Participate in it … a terrific promo to get both out there. Participate in it. PLUS … did you know that a “buyer” of an eBook is not a BUYER … he or she is a RENTER … meaning the the eBook “seller” can yank that baby off your ereader if they so choose, which is exactly what happened with Kobo, Amazon, BN last year with hundreds of titles.

The thrill of Book Hill

Here are 11 reasons you will want to have physical copies of your book:

  1. There’s nothing like holding your own book. YOU! The feel, the smell, the visual experience of the cover and the interior.
  2. Book reviewers like printed books … in fact, many insist on receiving them. Sending in a PDF or offering an eBook may get you off on the wrong foot with one. Or simply ignored.
  3. More books are purchased in print format than any other. Over 700,000,000 books were sold last year through retail (online and brick and mortar)in 2015 alone. That represents almost 70 percent of all sales.
  4. Your friends and family will love getting one. Yes they will!
  5. Hello … if you are doing a book event, a signing, you need printed books.
  6. Buyers of print books OWN the book. Surprise, most buyers don’t realize that eBooks are rentals–they can be yanked off an eReader from an Amazon, Kobo, Nook, etc., at their choice.
  7. Carry books with you (like a case in your car) … you will be amazed how many will ask to buy the book on the spot when your awesome 15 second pitch. Immediate payment, usually cash. How cool is that?Traveling, always have a few with you in your carry-on–you never know who you will meet that may want to buy or you want to get a copy immediately to them for consideration for speaking, media … you never know. 
  8. Who knows where the “e” world is going. A print book is still a print book.
  9. Print is legacy. For family, for friends, for professional libraries. For your own records.
  10. Do not … Do not … Do not attempt to do final proof reading on your screen … print the layed out pages and read, preferably out loud … before you got to print and/or “e” … and, when you have the actual book in print, you will be amazed at what remaining snafus will leap out at you that were missed.
  11. Here’s to the designers … printed books are beautiful. Enough said.

Not putting your book into actual print is a gigantic mistake. Maybe you prefer the “e” world … but you aren’t publishing for you … you are publishing for your readers … the ones that come in all sizes, shapes and preferences. Are yours available to the masses?



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