Top Ten Twitter Tweets of August 31, 2017


Author UYour Guide to Book Publishing, host Dr. Judith Briles of The Book Shepherd digs into a variety of writing, publishing insights each show.This week is all about how to take your book and create a “live event” around it … with the potential of turning it into a Cash Cow to build your reputation and business. Listen in live from the website or via iTunes.

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Ha! … this reminds me of working with a client on her book—3 long days a week for two months … we consumed BAGS of trail mix … haven’t touched it in four years now!

Here are your Top Ten Tweet for the past week

Tweets are faster than a speeding bird…below are AuthorU’s Top Ten Tweet from the past week that you may have missed…

Social Media and Marketing Strategies

  • How to use TailWind to blast off your #blogtraffic in 10 minutes a day          

  • 8 Fantastic Ways To Boost Your Local Search Exposure In a Day    

  • How to Use LinkedIn Native Video – via @SMExaminer

Success & Resources

  • We need to start presenting and pitching our books for the upcoming holiday season.” @NewShelvesBooks   @IngramSpark“  

  • What if your book is not a commercial success or critically acclaimed?”           

  • Two Keys to Becoming a Webinar Superhero, with Tim Paige –         

  • Hey #authors … will your #book answer “yes” to this essential question if a movie adaptation is a goal? Podcast:

Writers & Writing

  • Tips for #writers and #authors on what creates a breakout novel—here’s the difference-podcast: #amwriting
  • The YA Book That Has the YA Community Crying Foul

Cool, Fun and Sometimes OMG!

  • Not-so-sneaky kid tries to get past dad’s security cam


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