Top Ten Twitter Tweets for Week of September 6th

Today is Fight Procrastination Day … get it done!  Here’s your Top Ten Twitter Tweets:

Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are Author U’s Top Ten Tweets from the past week that you may have missed …


Success & Resources

Authors-Want an Agent? Tips from the newest Writers Digest w/ 25 agents looking for new clients:

Authors and writers can dominate w/ Personal Brand On Google 14 Point Checklist

Great INFOGRAPHIC : “How To Plan Your Blog”

Author tips on creating an informational empire around book. Podcast.


Authoring & Writing & Speaking

6 types of writers according to Ezra Pound


Social Media and Marketing Strategies

Social Media Myths and Realities. Cindy Ratzlaff interview with SCORE – supported by SBA, here:

Got lots of blogs? Here’s 4 tips for authors and writers to manage them:

Amazon researchers say Twitter post drives 16x more revenue vs Facebook

7 triggers to engage customers and build loyalty–just what authors want/need for books!

Very Cool!

Doing, not just seeing–amazing short video of saving a young whale–it’s a wow.


Bonus:  Last week’s Your Guide to Book Publishing was all about an amazing array of getting organized, goal setting and unbelievable tidbits on maxing what you doing at:

This afternoon, the visionary Joel Friedlander, the self-publishing guru and blog expert is Judith’s guest—there’s a reason why he grew his from zero to 40,000 in just a few years.

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