Top 10 Twitter Tweets of March 20,2014


Are you brave enough to get into the Author Shark Tank at the Extravaganza?  There are 2 spots left! Tick…Tick…Tick




Author UYour Guide to Book Publishing will focus on crowdfunding for authors. Judith Briles will focus on creating and delivering the perfect pitch for you and your book. Joining her is John Kremer—don’t miss it. Tune in at 6 Eastern, 5 Central, 4 Mountain, 3 Pacific and for our out-of-the-country members and followers … you are going to have to do the clock crunching for your time zone at  You can also go to the Home page of, scroll down and click on any of the past shows—just click and you are instantly there!

 I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. – Douglas Adams


            Here’s your Top Ten Tweets for the past week 

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Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are Author U’s Top Ten Tweets from the past week that you may have missed …


Success & Resources

  • #Authors for your #book: Sample of what Bublish does-very cool. #BookBubble  @BublishMe
  • #Author buzz on #ebooks, Hugh Howey and Smashwords’ Mark Coker’s take–definitely a must read!


  • #Authors – are you #writing for the teen and #YA audience? Here’s the latest in their social media habits. #sm
  • #Authors: How should you discuss your #book series potential in a query letter? via @WritersDigest:

Social Media and Marketing Strategies

  • #Author question: Is your #book cover and spine a Tesla or a Trike? new blog is up-   #getpublished
  • #Author aha: Excellent #blog insight via @HeidiCohen. 7 Blog Insights Inspired including the busting of a few myths.
  • What is the Future of Social Media? Much has been written about Facebook’s acquisition …

Cool and Sometimes Goofy or Unbelievable!   

  • Have you ever been stung by a jelly fish? Here’s some tips and odd-ball facts from the sea



Last Week

 Author UYour Guide to Book Publishing focused on pitching strategies with author Mary Jo Fay who will be presenting a session at the Extravaganza—you don’t want to miss it. You can listen in from the Home at, scroll down and click on any of the past shows—just click and you are instantly there! Or you, can go to the radio show’s home page and do the same:

If you are looking for FREE author and book coaching … call in to Judith’s Author Monday Mornings at NOON Eastern each Monday. The number is 218-632-9854; Access Code 1239874444 … have your questions ready–there’s a full hour to ask and listen.

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