The Authors’ Fall Tea Is Coming – Are You In?


Hello to our favorite people: Authors! … are you interested in being featured at the Annual Author’s Tea on Saturday afternoon, Oct 28th ?—

The Annual Authors’ Fall Holiday Tea will be held on:

Saturday, October 28th   from 1 – 4 p.m.


Author Judith Briles will be the host this year in her home within the Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club in Colorado. We know it’s Bronco time and there’s a game the next day, so there is no football conflict.

Think of this as a book marketing coop. The catch is that you MUST bring guests. Judith bring at least in 20. All participating authors need to invite and bring guests as well. It won’t work unless each participating does. It doesn’t matter that friends/family already own the book—but they don’t know about other local authors. And, they are cheerleaders for anything they own to those they meet.

Here’s the deal:

1        You are invited to be one of “the author stars”—this is limited to approximately to less than authors. This means that your books will be for sale to other guests for Holiday shopping and that you have 45 seconds to pitch your book to the crowd… expect 100+. You will have a space/table to display.

2        You are in Colorado, be prepared to schmooze and deliver the “right pitch” … it sells books—each year, some people walk out with a good dozen titles for gifts for others.

3        Bobby in the AuthorU office will handle all sales and will be at the Tea—if on credit card, we will withhold 15% to cover credit card fees and what I pay Bobby … all checks will be cashed and any moneys due you for your books will be included with those purchased via credit card. Your check for sales will be sent out within two weeks.

The cost is two-fold: 

  • $25 now to be included. This will cover the cost of food and beverage for attendees—think High Tea, which mean sweets and sandwiches along with teas—sometimes we do cranmosas as well. AND I have several cases of books that I’m going to toss in as gifts to all who buy books during the event—some are mine; three titles are donated by other authors.

  • This is a marketing coop you need to get people there. No kidding—new people for shopping are critical. Invite EVERYONE you know to come and enjoy. And please understand, the more you invite, bring, get to come, the better—for you, and the other authors. Yes, they may already have your book—but they may buy more for others as they get “into the spirit”; AND, they get the opportunity to hear about other books that just might be the perfect gift for brother Bob, Aunt Sharon, Mom, Gramma or Dad.

What you need to do … let Judith  know now that you are IN …  email her at with a “pick me for Tea” in subject line. Include your email and phone # in the body along with title(s) of books, genre and one sentence description.


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