The Author and Book Tipping Point … or why show up on the 7th will make or break your book.

Extravaganza fury is in the air this week. Yes, it’s the last minute. Do you go? Do you stay home? Do you keep doing what you have been doing this past year? What’s your tipping point?

These questions always surface as the Extravaganza approaches from anyone who is on the fence:

  • What and Why do I need more authoring, publishing and how-to information?—I mean, I’m on overload and overwhelm now.
  • Why would I want to spend money and time for three days?—I mean, am I’m a busy person–will I really use all that I hear and follow up with the people I meet?
  • Why should I come?—I mean, I didn’t implement much from the last time.
  • Is there anything really new to hear?—I mean, I can get new stuff on the Internet.
  • Why does it cost so much?—I mean, I’ve already learned about marketing and I know everyone that I need to know.

Malcolm Gladwell delivered his ground-breaking book, The Tipping Point in 2000. The title became a buzz phrase—the crucial difference between stickiness and nothingness.

The question the AuthorU Board is assessing: Is it worth it to continue doing a huge undertaking like the Extravaganza?

Let’s start with the Whys and then I’ll add mine—

What and Why do I need more authoring, publishing, and how-to information—I mean, I’m on overload and overwhelm now?
You don’t—unless you are at the top of the author and publishing game; book buyers are hounding you for more copies, you are considered a top influencer; you can do social media blindfolded; you have more than enough cash flow coming in every month; or you are the go-to person in monetizing, repurposing, and expertise in your field.

Otherwise, the answer is simply this: it’s changing, almost daily. New ideas come along. Ideas you might have heard, that whooshed by you, all of a sudden create the “aha” that sticks—ideas and concepts that you weren’t ready to absorb or implement.

Why would I want to spend money and time for three days—I mean, am I a busy person, I’m I really going to use all that I hear and follow up with people I meet?
Nope, you won’t use all the ideas you hear about. Or work with the many people that you meet. But now, they have dropped into your awareness zone—a very important place to be. Authoring and running a business can sometimes be a lonely place to be—just being around others who are on the same path can do wonders for an energy boost. Some are just starting out, others of us are old-timers. There isn’t one conference, one meeting that I attend, that I don’t come away with ideas that are workable and I can use. I’m always on the prowl for the nuggets.

Why should I come, I didn’t implement much from the last time?
The bad news: you didn’t implement. The good news: much has come along, especially in the social media worlds that has added new dimensions or flat-out changed. For that reason alone, you need to stay up to date and make a new commitment: I’m going to take away at least two items from every session I sit in on.

YES, we do bring back some of the same speakers … but dear author, they do different presentations. PLUS, we have many NEW speakers PLUS new TOPICS that we haven’t presented before.

Is there anything, really, new to hear?
Does it get cold in North Dakota, Alaska or Canada in January? C’mon, let’s be real.

  • If you didn’t implement something last year and all of a sudden you get how the concept or product will work for you and your book, it’s NEW.
  • If you get the new strategies for eBooks, it’s new. If you come away with the understanding that blogging is truly critical to your positioning as the expert, it’s new.
  • If you come away with the insider’s tips on how every bookstore makes a decision on bringing a book in, it’s new.
  • If you come away with how to create and successfully milk everything that Amazon can do for you, it’s new.
  • If you come away with tips on how to create a mass signup via your website that gathers emails, it’s new.
  • If you come away with an easy peasy venue to get free writings that you can use and reuse, it’s new.
  • If you come away with a method of making $1,000,000 off of your book, oh yes, it’s new.
  • If you come away with a few ways to turn a limping book into a marathon runner, it’s new.
  • If you want one-on-one time with the speakers … they are here and available to you.

    What are you waiting for? Where are you?

Why does it cost so much?
Let’s break down costs and start with a few questions back at you—do you really know what it costs to create the Extravaganza, or any event? Do you think that a site is free? Do you think that AV expenses are complimentary (they cost $5,000 alone)? Is having help with the website a freebie? Do you think that hotel food and services and taxes are run by the local Dollar Store? Do you think that there is no cost in getting experts to be available to you? Have you thought about what you would personally have to pay for their time if they weren’t on site and their personal meters were running? Do you think that the support staff that runs the registration and the event do it for free? What do you think?

The truth is, the cost of the Extravaganza is a bargain when the numbers are broken down. Food alone runs $200 a person.  Space and AV are thousands a day. Bags, badges, notebooks don’t just appear from a replicator a la Star Trek (oh, how I wish). The Extravaganza is one of the very few publishing events that feeds your brain and your belly—most conferences are either positioned in a downtown area (hello $20+ a day parking) or in a hotel that attendees are on their own to scramble up food.  Be smart, stay put and get a room at the Radisson SE Hotel, our site. Locals who drive back and forth make it a really, really long day. Think of it as a mini break from household and office duties.

What do other conferences cost? Good question. Copyblogger’s event runs over $1,000; Author University 101 in Los Angeles is $497 plus hotel and air—no food, there is water. IBPA charges $375 for 1 ½ days. Author U is at $397 for 3 days plus you can bring a non-Author U guest for $275—and you get fed. The Extravaganza is a BARGAIN!  



The marketing for authors and books keep changing. New gizmos and gadgets are in play. Amazon is reworking authoring strategies. Audio development is becoming a must have. The high quality of Videos and trailers are easily obtainable and affordable.  

Today’s publishing is a truly new frontier. Filed with eye-candy to delight; complicated and sometimes time-sucking strategies and wormholes that open new dimensions. What you believe was the way, the only way, to become successful in publishing, think again. What you believe about marketing and social media, think again. Whatever you think you know, think again.

If there ever was a time to schmooze and learn with other authors who desire success and are committed to achieving it, the Extravaganza is where you should be. Some of the single best ahas will come between sessions; from the 35 exhibitors already committed; from attendees, you meet for the first time.

Granted, I attend the Extravaganza because, well, I have to. If I didn’t head up Author U, would I? Absolutely—you see, I’m on a publishing marathon, not a sprint. As much as I know about publishing, I know that what was viable ten years ago, isn’t today; what was viable and hot three years ago, is now passé; what was the shiny bling last year, already has a new twist.

And it’s an investment. In me. In my books. In my publishing business. This year’s theme is Suck it up, Buttercup! Get True Grit for Author Success. If you want to be seriously successful, I’ll see you at the Extravaganza. If you don’t … well, what can I say? It’s your choice, you choose.   

What are you waiting for? Where are you? And here’s food for thought. AuthorU puts in a collective 1,000+ hours to bring the Extravaganza to authors who want to succeed. We will be doing an assessment post this year’s event.

– It’s a huge amount of work—we don’t make money. Should we do it?
– Yes, it’s a benefit because we are dedicated to an author’s success. But do authors want it?
– And, is it worth it for us to continue?
– What say you?

Your participation will be part of the answer. Will I see you next week?

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