Authors and Publishing Experts Are Talking …

Authors and Publishing Experts Are Talking …



AuthorYOU provides the most comprehensive array of valuable and affordable resources an author needs. It’s a no-nonsense approach and gets things done philosophy is just the catalyst every author needs to reach the finish line. The magic of AuthorYOU is Judith Briles. Her secret is she loves what she does as much as she does the community she supports. This is a five-star organization driven by a five-star wonder woman.

Robert Martin, Author
The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels

SuperClara: A Young Girl’s Story of Cancer, Bravery, and Courage

Entering the Deep Unknown

I had just put the information from my credit card into a self-publishing site when something told me to take one more look. I did and found in the reviews a scathing review by Judith Briles. “She must be right,” I thought, or they would have sued her by now.”  She was right, and she kept me from making a major mistake. I called her the next morning, contracted with her to be my “book shepherd,” and never looked back. Brilliant, “snappy, salty, and sassy,” bossy, funny, friendly, unbelievably knowledgeable about everything one needs to know about writing, editing, publishing, and marketing, she is driven by her commitment to helping wannabee authors become successful, independent publishers. 

My book, The Concrete Killing Fields, One Woman’s Battle to Break the Cycle of Homelessness, would never have seen the light of day had it not been for Judith and AuthorYOU. That it won five national independent book awards in four different categories is a tribute to her expertise in editing, including cutting out totally irrelevant material, and some serious butt-kicking to prod me to do what I needed to do to be a successful author. If you want to be one too, join her AuthorYOU site! You’ll be glad you did, I promise!

The Extravaganzas are phenomenal conferences! I never dreamed it would be this good. I have been blown away.

Pat Morgan, Author
The Concrete Killing Fields

We Hardly Knew Ye

AuthorYou is a phenomenal community of authors that covers the spectrum of writing styles – from memoirs to business books!  AuthorYou will teach you what you need to be a successful writer and marketer of your book.

Andi Sue Phillips
TEDx speaker of De-Emphasize Diversity (to avoid tokenism)

Writing words is easy, but being an author is a very difficult task. Authorship is not a solitary job. It is much like being a race car driver. The driver wins the race, but it is the pit crew that gets him there. AuthorYOU is the pit crew. Judith lends her valuable information at every turn. There is someone present to edit, bounce ideas off of, critique your work, and get you the right resources to produce an excellent product. Marketing is a huge part of what AuthorYOU has to offer. These range from sales events, to getting your book into bookstores, all the way to online marketing. Now, there is an added benefit of recognition and awards. 

Every author gets discouraged now and again, but the support I have received from AuthorYOU puts me back on track. I personally could not have made this journey without Judith and the entire group. The mentorship and fellowship with other authors encourage me to hone my craft.

Lisa Reinicke


Arnold the Cute Little Pig with Personality Readers Favorite 2016

David’s Christmas Wish

Wings and Feet Mom’s Choice 2017- Readers Favorite Gold 2018-Book Excellence Award 2018-

Bart’s Escape Out the Gate 2018– Purple Dragonfly Award

Football Flyboy- WW2 Memoir- Book Excellence Award 2018

Wilhelmina’s Wish-

The AuthorYOU Extravaganza is a great trade show, as always. Very well participated, very knowledgeable authors. I look forward to coming back next year.

Dave Raymond, VP Sales, Thomson Shore

This has got to be one of the best deals, best programs, best information for anybody writing a book, thinking about writing a book, having written a book, trying to figure out how to market and sell your book. I would skip my vacation and come to this conference.

Greg Godek, author of 1001 Ways to Be Romantic

I connected with just the right people for me to re-jump start my career as an author and a speaker. I feel like this is an amazing value, and that’s why I decided to sign up for next year. I’m looking forward to another great round.

Susan Mead, author of Take Back Your Health

If you’re looking for the best in content, how to package a book, get it sold to publishers and market it, this is the place to be. Judith puts her heart and soul into getting the right people in the room for you. You’ve got to check out AuthorYOU Extravaganza next year!

Bret Ridgway, CEO of Ship Your Books

I have spent the three most amazing days of my life with Judith Briles and her tribe at AuthorYOU. I go to a lot of events. I’m privileged to speak at many events, but there is nothing like AuthorYOU. If you’re an aspiring author or someone who really wants to learn how to do it the right way and get your heart, your vision and your voice out there to the world, you have to connect with Judith Briles.

Carol McManus, LinkedIN expert

I came here to speak at Judith’s conference to teach other people about how to get publicity for their books. I am coming away from this conference with about a thousand more ideas for my own business…about how to write my own books and market them and just be a better business person. That’s the value of these AuthorYOU events. It’s an absolute blast…don’t miss it!

Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound

Awesome, fabulous Extravaganza—my second year. I’ll be back. Thank you!

Gail Mencini, author of To Tuscany with Love

I recommend AuthorYOU and the Extravaganzas to everyone. It’s been a transformative event for me, and I’ve been to author events for the past three years. This has been the best.

Mike Hance, writer

Great; very helpful. I love the connecting, encouragement and updates on all things publishing.

Jane Withers, author of Hubcap Annie

Terrific. Very interactive and supported the needs of the individuals but was instructive to the whole group as well. Got good direction and have whole new “to do” list. Thanks.

Rhondda Hartman, author of Natural Childbirth Exercises







Authors and Publishing Experts Are Talking …

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