March BookCamp: Comedy Writing Intensive Workshop for Authors

sWhat do Actors Jack Black and Nathan Lane have in common?
2 words:
The outrageous and comedy writer Steve Kaplan … and so can you!



March 4 … Sharpen up your writing with Hollywood’s premier comedy writer.
March 5 … Learn tips and tricks to transform your work to the big screen.

A very special BookCamp is coming your way with comedy writer, trainer, author and mentor to the inside club of Hollywood’s entertainers is coming to AuthorU and Denver. Steve Kaplan is bringing the Comedy Intensive to us … you will learn tips and tricks on how to humor up your writing when appropriate; how to engage an audience when speaking that you’ve never thought about; and so much more.

Get ready for a dynamic duo: The Comedy Writing Intensive BookCamp: A Weekend Workshop for Authors, Writers and Screenwriters. Attend one day … or both. Your choice … you choose.

Whether you’re writing a novel, short story, a comedy screenplay, working on a sitcom script, or producing or directing a comedy film, Steve Kaplan has been the industry’s most sought-after expert when it comes to comedy. From the industry’s top stars to first time comedy writers producers directors and performers, Steve Kaplan has worked with and developed the best.

The proven and practical methods and principles contained in his famed Comedy Intensive course reveals the hidden tools and principles that help you understand comedy from the inside out. If you went to Steve, you would pay $395 for this course (plus air, plus food, plus hotel). AuthorU is bring the amazing, outrageous and hilarious Steve Kaplan and the Hollywood factor to you … and you can sleep in your own bed.

Don’t miss this … Register Now! Early Bird ends on February 4th.

SEATS: Space is allowed for ONLY 40 attendees … register EARLY for this one.                                                                                            

Saturday, March 4th … Comedy Author Writing Intensive and Prose

Whether you’re writing a comic novel or just want to inject more humor into your prose, your books, your speeches … this all day workshop will open avenues you never envisioned.


Steve Kaplan is a master in Hollywood comedy and will delve into the sometimes elusive art of writing comedy. He’ll will explore this potent and popular form by distilling its basic principles, bringing them into the lingo and jargon you get … and can use. Combining hands-on writing exercises with story analysis and other interactive activities, this one-day event will help you find your own comic voice and offer guidelines on how to write humor with confidence, honesty and clarity. 

Here’s Steve on Why Most Romantic Comedies Suck …

Sunday, March 5th  … Comedy Intensive for Screenwriters (and Screenwriters-to-be), Performers and Filmmakers

  • How do you write funny?
  • How do you act funny?
  • How do you direct funny?
  • How do you be funny?

Get ready to deep-dive and discover the hidden tools and principles of comedy

  • what comedy is,
  • how it works, 
  • why it works,
  • what’s happening when it’s not working
  • what you can do to fix it,

Your take-aways include proven and practical methods and principles. The workshop includes exercises, solo and group writing activities, as well as a liberal use of clips from current and classic comedies to illustrate our points and principles. It’s a very interactive experience, and we tend to laugh. A lot!

Get ready to alter your thinking, your style and your outcomes!

Don’t miss this … Register Now!                                               

TIME: 8.30 to 4.30  includes lunch each day

WHERE: CADA – Colorado Automobile Dealers Assn, 290 E Speer Blvd., Denver CO

COST: AuthorU GOLD Members:
Early Bird  $99 per day or both days for $180 until February 4;

1 Day

Both Days

AuthorU GOLD Members Regular Rate: $129 per day after or $250 for both days February 4

AuthorU BEST SELLER Members:

1 Day

Both Days

ALL Other Participants
:  $139 per day or both for $250 until February 4;

1 Day

Both Days

BASIC and NON-Members Regular Rate: $169 and $310

SEATS: Space is allowed for ONLY 40 attendees … register EARLY for this one.

There are no refunds 21 days before the event and a $40 Administrative fee will be charged.

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