Smart Authors Offer Pre-Publication and Post Publishing Flyers

Timing is important. We suggest that you don’t sell more than six months prior to availability. And don’t tell the buyer that the book will be shipped on a specific date unless you know that it is a guaranteed date on your part. Let’s face it—things happen that could delay a book. Be they rewrites, interior or exterior design, editing, printing … or just maybe you’ve lagged a tad. A little breathing room helps. Instead of saying that your book will be available September 15th, better to say Fall—that gives you a three month window.

If you have settled on the price, offer your special at that price with the free shipping as the incentive. That’s going to give the buyer a decent discount. Let the buyer pay by cash, check or credit card. Process everything and don’t spend the money unless it’s for the printing. That way you know that you will have a book to mail to the buyer.

After your book is printed, create a form or flyer that is included with all book shipments. Why? To—

  • Remind the buyer that your book can be ordered, personalized, directly from you;
  • Ask the buyer to go to Amazon and post a terrific review (lots of potential buyers read them)—you want as many 5-Star Reviews as possible!
  • Offer deals/discounts for multiple purchases.

Source: Show Me About Book Publishing by Judith Briles, Rick Frishman, John Kremer