Publisher Predators-Top 13

Publishing Predators are everywhere … from the one time author who is now the “expert” and “book coach” to the what sounds like a legit publisher who is nothing more than a sham operation. In a recent phone call with a new member of Author U, she was frustrated with a “group” book coaching effort … that was being led by a novice author. At the June Dinner and a Program, Mara Purl shared a gem:  in a study of violinist–it takes 3,000 hours to be able to teach someone; 5,000 hours to play in the orchestra; 10,000 hours to get on the stage at Carnegie Hall!  And so it is with publishers.

Author U suggests that any author check out the “scam” list on Writer Beware to avoid future problems.  Below is a “tease”  the current  “thumb’s down” list through mid-May, 2011–avoid them at all costs:

For a full list, and you are encouraged to check their website out, go to:

Writer Beware gives two big  “thumbs down” to:

  • American Book Publishing (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • Archebooks Publishing (Las Vegas, NV)


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