The Book Shepherd


Create. Strategize. Develop. Publish. Achieve.


Congratulations … your book is the start of something big. The Book Shepherd’s forte is strategic planning, creating the Author’s Platform, book development and creating the right habits that overcome fear and lethargy that are common in the publishing process.

  • Not sure whether to create an independent press, self-publish or sell your project to a New York-based publisher? It’s a strategic choice. See the Book Shepherd.
  • Would you like to create a big picture for your book—your dreams? See the Book Shepherd.
  • Need help strategizing your Internet and website presence? Most do. We can help. See the Book Shepherd.

The Book Shepherd, Judith Briles, is an award-winning author, publisher and successful coach with decades of experience. She has personally guided hundreds of authors through the publishing process.

Publishing is riddled with obstacles—sometimes nightmares for the author. You don’t need problems … you want solutions. Book Shepherding with Judith will get you through the maze and chaos. Whether your book is fresh off the ground or needs to be rescued, they will create a plan to get your vision on track.

Why Travel the Publishing Path Blindfolded?

With The Book Shepherd and her vast array of publishing experts that she works with, you will have a clear vision for your book and a roadmap for your goals. Her team guides you through the challenging publishing landscape, providing all the help you need. You’ll have a written plan, a time frame and a solution for every step along the way.

The next, next thing in publishing, the “Seventh-Wave,” is about connecting you with a team of experts to achieve your book, your business, your dreams and your success. It’s about expanding your vision into a format that is financially successful. If you start the process with a good team, you end up far ahead of the others—with a book you are proud of and solid plans to propel that book into much, much more.

Judith Briles is The Book Shepherd. She is a powerful locomotive who will get your train on the track and send it all the way to publishing without a train wreck. She has an amazing laser sharp insight to uncover and discover your deeper story.

What makes Book Shepherding with Judith unique? Simply this:

  • She is dedicated to you and your book’s success … not your money.
  • The Author and Book Platform is an area that she works closely with the author in developing … without it, the majority of books do nothing more than limp along.
  • Books shouldn’t be created in a cookie-cutter format … she personally oversees every aspect and detail of your book.
  • She can develop your book to be the book you always envisioned it to be … not someone else’s vision.
  • Your project, your voice is put first … not what she thinks your voice should be. You get referred to publishing experts that are the right fit for you … ones that are full time professionals!
  • She will keep you on target, on time and within your budget. She has already authored and published 35 books on her own … she knows the pitfalls that authors run into.
  • You can trust The Book Shepherd to always put your interests first … ALWAYS!

Judith Briles is The Book Shepherd. Judith is a powerful locomotive who will get your train on the track and send it all the way to publishing. She has laser sharp insights to uncover and discover your deeper story.


“Who Is The Book Shepherd and Why Do You Need Her Help?”

“I would not have gotten my latest book written, much less published, without Judith partnering every step of the way. With her leading the team, I saved at least a year. Her attitude was always, “We can do this!””
Joan McWilliams, Parenting Plans for Families after Divorce

“Meeting with Judith the first time was like the lights going off. She heard me, supported my vision and voice and showed me “how to” and that “I could.” The comments I’ve gotten from book buyers and readers have been excellent.”
Doug Krug, The Missing Piece in Leadership

“Judith not only saved my book, she helped me create a best-seller! Her energy, wisdom, support, insights, humor and willingness to uphold her commitment was inspirational. As a successful author and publisher, she guided me through my journey as a first time author and publisher. The Book Shepherd kept me moving through the publishing process, jumping over hurdles and avoiding many pitfalls. Not only was she instrumental in my writing and editing process, she coached me on how to enter into the world of niche marketing—from presentations to press releases and marketing strategies. I recommend her to all my colleagues.”
Lynn F. Hellerstein, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO
See It. Say It. Do It! and See It. Say It. Organize It! 

“I want to thank you for all your priceless knowledge and expertise that you shared with me to help me to create such a wonderful book! Iris and Her Amazing Garden would not be so popular among our Fans and their children, if it was not for your coaching and publishing advice. I can’t believe how much fun I had in your groups and individual meetings nor the amount of time you saved me.”
Dayn Conrad, Iris and Her Amazing Garden

“Judith Briles knows publishing. She cuts through the myriad of details and snafus that authors face, saving them thousands of dollars in the publishing process. Judith has authored and published more than 28 books, won multiple awards and has converted her expertise into savvy, doable strategies for authors who want to create, achieve and be financially successful.”
Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual

“A shepherd is defined as one who “protects, guides, and watches over.” That’s exactly what Judith Briles brings to your book and/or speaking project. She won’t write your book for you, but she protects you from making senseless mistakes, she guides you through the meticulous process, and she watches over your journey from beginning to end. Working with Judith is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.”
Dom Testa, The Galahad series for young adults