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The difference between a good book and a great book is an editor.

Every author needs an editor. No exceptions.

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… from Development to Proofreading to Post Layout

Every Book Needs An Editor
An editor should be able to assess your book quickly … is it readable … does it flow? He should be able to identify areas that need addressing and generate suggestions to polish and add panache to your work. The editor’s objective should be to make your words, and you, look good. It is critical that an editor maintains the author’s voice, not take over a manuscript and make it his.

Ashography Event PhotographyJohn Maling specializes in editing both fiction and nonfiction books, including history, biography, autobiography, spirituality, personal finance, business and sales, how-to, self-help, inspirational and personal narratives.

Drawing on his educational and scientific background, John is skilled in editing a variety of genres as well as creating Indexes for nonfiction books after layout has been completed. He works closely with The Book Shepherd and is an active member and Premier Partner in AuthorU, the premier authoring resource in the country that is designed for the serious author.

Many of his clients have received multiple book awards.

John is also the author of Have You Ever Held a Mountain?, a multi-national book-award winner for best gift book, best inspirational book and best poetry book from several national book awards.