Aha Amplifier


The Aha Amplifier is the only thought leadership platform with a built in marketplace making it easy to share curated content from like-minded thought leaders. There are over 20k diverse AhaMessages™ from thought leaders from around the world. The Aha Amplifier makes it easy to create, organize and share your own thought leadership AhaMessages in digestible, bite-sized morsels. Users are able to democratize thought leadership in their organizations by: 1) Making it easy for any advocate to share existing content with their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ networks. 2) Allowing internal experts to create their own thought leadership content, and 3) Encouraging the expert’s advocates to share that content on their networks. The experience of many authors is that they have been able to create their social media enabled AhaBooks™ of 140 AhaMessages in less than a day.

It’s a win-win-win: you benefit, your network benefits, the Aha author benefits.

A Few Things That Make the Aha Amplifier Unique

  • Not only are you sharing the AhaMessages yourself, but you should be activating your advocates and future advocates to share them as well.
  • Not only are you sharing “your” AhaMessages, but those of other authors. This allows your network to appreciate good curated content while but potentially extending your reach into the authors’ networks as well.
  • You can quickly and easily repurpose existing content or create new content for this tool.

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