Nuggets for Newbies in Publishing at the Author U Extravaganza

Get 10 Time & Money-Saving Tips for Authors Just Starting Out … it’s Nuggets for Newbie Time …

Through the eyes of the designer, what is routinely seen that authors miss in working with their books and a designer? Nick Zelinger, multiple award-wining book designer of NZ Graphics, will offer up his top tips for newbies.

nick book Not only is Nick the lead singer for the Thin Ice band, a multi-award winning book designer, he’s an author himself.

nick zHe won’t be singing this year, but he will be one of our featured Exhibitors and Speakers.


Click the image below to hear in Nick’s voice why you should be attending the Extravaganza and what he will be doing in his session.


Here’s what you will be taking away when you attend Nick’s session:

1. How to select the right designer for you
2. How to map out your plan of action BEFORE you do anything else
3. How to prepare your manuscript before handing if off to your designer
4. When to begin the process of cover design
5. How and where to go to investigate royalty-free images for your book
6. How and where to go to get your ISBN numbers and LCCN numbers
7. How many ISBN numbers do you need?
8. When to hand off your manuscript to a designer
9. When and where to go to select the right printer / eBook service
10. Secrets of good book design—inside and out.

You don’t want to miss Nick’s session if you are just starting out. He’s speaking shortly after noon time on Thursday, May 1st. Over the years, he’s compiled his Nuggets for Newbies and will reveal the musts and must-nots in the Eaglet session.

As an Exhibitor, you don’t want to miss his sage advice, as he talks with Rhondda Hartman, one of the attendees from last year’s Extravaganza. Watch and Listen in


 If you are looking for FREE author and book coaching … call in to Judith’s Author Monday Mornings at NOON Eastern each Monday. The number is 218-632-9854; Access Code 1239874444 … have your questions ready–there’s a full hour to ask and listen.

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