Must Haves for Speaker Websites


For a Speaker or Speaker-to-be, a website is a must-have. You are an author … and should be a speaker as well. So, what’s on your website?

Within it should be a Speaking Tab. Within the Speaking Tab are essentials … must-haves that meeting planners are looking for. If they are missing … you may end up missing a future program.

Dr. Judith Briles is solo this week and next where she focuses on what she calls the Cash Cow 2-Step. Your takeaways include:

  • The essentials that all Speaker websites need.
  • Why your Speaker One Sheet creates a “stand out.”
  • How a Fun Fact sheet can be a tipping point.
  • How to sell books without pitching them.
  • And of course, much more.

If you don’t want you and your book to be ignored, then the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast is for you. Judith Briles has lots to share in this episode of the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast.

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