Monday Evening Salons

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Designed to be a very hands-on experience, each Monday Evening Salon is a two to three hour mini-workshop that is delivered in the intimacy of the home or the presenter’s place of choice.

Registration is limited on all Salons. You must pre-register. Includes a light supper, program will start at 6.00 PM. Details on the AU website.


Monday Evening Salon

The Book Shepherd, Judith Briles

 Monday Evening Salon October 22nd, 6-9 pm 

Your WORDS are critical in your Book Marketing campaign… 

October brings Casey Demchak who is known for his innovative approach to creating Key Message Copy Platforms that serve as the springboard for writing a full array of marketing communications for your products. That means YOU … the author as the product, your BOOK as the product and ANY derivatives that your creative efforts birth.

Your take-aways include:

  • Creating sizzling phrases and words to make your marketing pop.
  • Techniques to say “lots” in just a few words.
  • Adding “color” to what may be perceived as dull copy.
  • Snappy catches for media, publicity and articles. 

Register $27

Casey is the author of Essential Sales Writing Secrets and the copywriter on seven marketing communication projects that have won American Advertising Awards and prior to his career as a copywriter, he worked in Hollywood as a story analyst at Ron Howard/Anson Williams Productions.

His Hollywood connection gives him an added dimension as a copywriter: the ability to tell a product’s story in a tone that directly touches your target audience on an emotional level … which is exactly what most buyers connect with.

Salons start a 6 with a dinner ready when you walk in and quickly move to a workshop format. Bring your laptop—as always, space is limited and only available to paidup Author U members.

Cost:  $27

Time:  6 – 9 pm

Location:  Judith’s home in Aurora, CO 

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***You will be sent an email the day before as a reminder with full address and directions and any last minute to-dos before the Salon—See you there!.