Love What You Write … Advice from the Book Coach / Book Shepherd

If you want to write a book, you’ve got to love the topic/cause. If it’s just something to do, Author U’s question to you is, “Why do it?”
What topics, areas do you know about—either by schooling, life experiences, the school of hard knocks? Are there subjects that you just seem to gyrate toward or that others tell you that you are a wiz at? Is there a deep burning desire to advocate a cause or reach out to help others? Passion comes in to play.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone should write a book, attempt to create a small press or become an independent publisher. Maybe someone said you should … the real question is, should you? Is there an internal drive that is deep and telling you, “Yes, your thoughts, your words need to be read, seen or heard.” Then go for it. Embrace and wallow in it.

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