Authoring and Publishing Workshop

Saturday, August 18th  8 a.m. – 12 p.m.            

Are you NEW to Authoring?

Are you NEW to Publishing?

Do you KNOW anyone who is?

Do you WANT to enhance your publishing IQ?

Then … GO-GO-GO … If you are in Colorado and new to authoring and publishing, or want to get better

Is There a Book In YOU? … Get It Out!                               

The perfect half-day program designed for the Eaglet—the newbie—to the authoring and publishing worlds. It’s the perfect half-day program to rejuvenate your authoring spirits and moxie.

Judith Briles

Every author, new and old, needs the dollars, cents and sense of authoring
and publishing. Is your publishing mojo in groove with today’s world? It will
be after just a few hours with Colorado’s authoring and publishing expert,
Dr. Judith Briles, Author U’s Chief Visionary Officer.

Learn How to Create, Develop and Publish a Book in Today’s Market 


There are five key mistakes that Newbie Authors make:

  • They fail to have their books professionally edited
  • They get taken by publishing predators
  • They don’t treat authoring and publishing as a business
  • They rush to publish
  • They fail to market their book once it’s published

The Internet and POD—print-on-demand method of printing—has created more trash than the book buying public needs, or wants. Why? Simply because authors are “publishing” without caring or knowing the ins and outs of being an author and publishing a book. They get duped by publishers, publishing and others who want their money.  Publishing predators lurk in just about every corner—offering deals to publish an author for a steal of a deal, than compound it with hefty sums of add-on moneys … after the contract is signed!

The large publishers are downsizing, the traditional brick & mortar stores are closing, and readers are embracing eBooks. Authoring and Book Creation is morphing on a daily basis.

Is There a Book in You?  will show you:

  • Where is book publishing going and how can you take advantage of it;
  • What opportunities are emerging as the book trade evolves into new forms;
  • How to learn the dollars, cents and sense of publishing;
  • How to avoid publishing predators;
  • The key elements that will lead to your book success;
  • How to create your Book and Author Platforms;
  • How to kick-start your eBook strategy;
  • How to create a book and in which format is best for you;
  • How to avoid being duped;
  • Why POD or a pay-to-publish publisher could be a publishing disaster;
  • How to build a team a publishing team that works;
  • Why the savvy author niches a book … and so much more.

Who Should Attend?  Anyone who is interested in writing and publishing a book. Judith’s presentation is full of supporting statistics, scenarios and strategies on what to do now! If there is a book in you, you need to attend. Expect hot seats.


University of Phoenix
10004 Park Meadows Dr.
Lone Tree, CO 80124

Cost:    $47

Show Me About Book Publishing*includes a copy of Judith’s book, Show Me About Book Publishing, Continental breakfast and Workbook until July 31st

Cost: After the 31st, $67

Dr. Judith Briles is the author of 30 books—18 published with New York houses until she created her own imprint in 2000. She knows publishing. Based in Colorado, she’s published in 16 countries and with over a 1,000,000 copies sold of her work. Show Me About Book Publishing co-written with book marketing guru John Kremer and master book publicist Rick Frishman and Author YOU: Creating and Developing the Author and Book Platforms will be published this fall.

Judith is the Founder of Author U, a membership group of 400 plus authors and small publishers, is a past president of the Colorado Authors League, the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, and chair of numerous publishing conferences. She’s a partner in with Dan Poynter and Brian Jud. Known as The Book Shepherd to many, she’s personally guided hundreds of publishing clients throughout the United States.  Her websites are and