How Authors Can Be Paid to Gift Their Audiobook

Guest Blog by Richard Rieman, AudioBook expert


There is now a way you can send an audiobook free to anyone’s email address and for the author, it counts as a sale!

This new feature is called “Send this Book” and you will find it at the bottom of an audiobook description on Audible. It’s highlighted by the yellow arrow:


In the official Press Release, Audible says “each recipient gets his or her first title through for free, and Audible will pay authors, actors and other rights holders the equivalent value of the title.” That means authors (and narrators, if they share royalties with the author) get a royalty payment for each book sent. Where else can you be paid for a review copy?

Here is how the “Send this Book” feature looks when you put in a recipient’s email or text address:


The limitations are:

  • to use “Send this Book” you (not the recipient) must be an subscriber, which is currently $14.95/mo after a 30-day free trial
  • the audiobook you want to send must be in your Audible library
  • the person who receives your gift audiobook can only redeem one free book per email address
  • the author only gets paid if the recipient downloads the audiobook

Sending books is always free for the senders. For the recipient, the first redeemed book is free. Every additional book sent to that recipient will appear as a recommendation and can be purchased at the recipients’ discretion. Audible customers can send the same book to many people and everyone’s first book is free.

Audible Founder and CEO Donald Katz says “Now, for the first time, our listeners can send complete titles to anyone in the US and the cost is on us.”

Why is Audible doing this? 

To make more people audiobook listeners and buyers. There is no timetable set for how long this feature will be available, but it appears to be an excellent way to send out copies of your audiobook, and in return, ask for a review, which will help you sell more audiobooks.





Richard Rieman of is the author of “The Author’s Guide to AudioBook Creation,” an audiobook self-publishing expert and top Audible narrator. He has narrated dozens of titles on Amazon, Audible, iTunes and more. Richard also produces audiobooks for authors voicing their own audiobooks and consults authors seeking a narrator.



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