Have Book? Talk About It? Don’t Be Boring!Advice from the Book Coach / Book Shepherd

As a Presenter, Being Boring Isn’t an Option … The last thing a presenter wants to do is use a white background with a black lettering. Can you spell B.O.R.I.N.G?

As the presenter this is you, your work, expertise, or book that is being presented to the global world. Pick a color—not any color—and start to build your theme image. Do you have a favorite one (bright red will earn you an “F”—it’s a killer on the eyes and can make some feel downright hostile if exposed too long to it)?

Is there a great icon or logo that is used in your work or your book that you want carried on every slide to brand you? How about using a color that you like that you can create a gradient background with? Do you use a specific type of illustration or clip art to enhance your slides? How do you position them—are they straight or angled? How do your slides present—do you fade, fly or flip?

Whatever you do, be consistent, create a style that you use throughout and make it interesting.


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