Finalists for AuthorU’s Draft to Dream Book Competition

thor A huge WOOT to the many who participated in the first Draft to Dream Book Competition. A few entries were so close, that an extra slot was made in two of the categories. The prizes that they have earned are exceptional–all designed to enhance their writing and publishing.

Thank you to the Colorado Librarians who generously gave of their time and shared valuable comments which will be given to each of the entrants post the announcements of the Winners at the AuthorU Extravaganza May 7, 2015.


Congratulations to the FINALISTS … the WINNERS will be announced on Thursday, May 7th at the AuthorU Extravaganza held in Denver, Colorado. All Finalists, as part of their prize, will receive Thursday’s Extravaganza activities and workshops. The four Winners will receive the entire conference as part of their winnings. And the will come away with the covers and interior designs from award-winning designers who are looking forward to working with the authors.

Next year’s competition will be open for entries from February to May with the winners announced at the AuthorU Extravaganza September 15-17, 2016. Mark your calendars … you won’t want to miss this … start writing.


Okasana Butyliov                   Why Is Your Smile Upside Down?
Timothy Madden                    Bumzlee the Bee
Ashlee Merritt                        Heroes Don’t Wear Capes

Juvenile | Young Adult
Jake Frakes                              Back to Gammon
Ellen Harveaux                        Secret of Ghost Island
Suzanne Hill                            Scott’s Magnificent Journey
Bob Martin                              The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels
Courtney Miller                      The Cherokee Chronicles … Alihelitsidasdi: Happiness Disturbed     
Stephanie Parriott                   An Ordinary Princess
D.E. Schulze                             Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish

Beth Burgmeyer                     The Gathering
Dylyce Clarke                          Running for the Prize
Julie Griffin                             Elephant Eyes
Lynn Lipinski                          Bloodlines
Diane & Larry Masters          Way Down Under ( a trip of a lifetime)

Alice Borodkin                          Caught between the Betty’s
Charles Clark                             Depression Era Child
Charles Fischer                         Socratic Seminar Tool Box
Gwen Miller                               Echoes of Silence
Ellen Naylor                               Win, Lose, Draw
Tony Oliver                                Whittle Sticks
Terri Ann Van Landschoot      oman of Many Layers

 AND … thank you to all the Sponsors of the Prizes:

sponsors of Draft to Dream Book Competition




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