FINAL DAY to Save $$$ to Skyrocket You and Your Book Success

Today is the FINAL DAY to get Early Bird pricing for the AuthorU Extravaganza. Skyrocket your #author and #book success overnight. If you don’t want to hear, to learn what’s new, what’s hot, what’s going to separate you and your book from the masses, don’t read further.

last day

It’s the Author U Extravaganza in Denver, CO  May 7-9, 2015 … Meet me there!

The 6th Annual 3-Day Author U Extravaganza offers 26 intensive sessions that deliver the “how-tos and whys”: from an insiders tips on How to Sell Books to Chains; How to Beat Amazon at Its Own Game, How to Be an Awesome Author, How to Create a Podcast that Grabs Attention; How to Amplify You and Your Book Everywhere; How to Take Your Branding to the Next Level; How to Create Book Selling Videos; How to Sell Outside of Bookstores; How to Sell Foreign Rights; How to Get Global Distribution for less than $50; How to Get the Right Reviews; How to Get the Top Influencers to Support Your Book: How to Skyrocket Your eMarketing; How to Seed “Products” from Your Books; How to Create a Book in Less than 3 Days; How to Capture Pinterest and Market Your Book at the Same Time; How to Create Off the Charts Book Buzz; How to Use Social Media to Market You and Your Book; How to Create a Kick-butt Cover and Interior Design; How to Protect Your Work Legally without Needing a Law Degree; How to OutGeek the Geeks for Book Strategy, How to Create a TED Talk … and MORE!

As always, a national Trade Show with over 25 Exhibitors, Rounds with the Pros, Pick Their Brains One-on-Ones, the Author Shark Tank, Author Professional Photos and all meals included form Thursday through Saturday.

The Extravaganza is designed for authors at all levels: from newbies (Eaglets) to the advanced (Eagles), including books that are in process, already published and/or need to be re-launched.

A stellar faculty includes Joel Comm, Joan Stewart, John Kremer, Amy Collins, Joel Comm, Nick Zelinger, Daniel Hall, Sandra Beckwith and Judith Briles.   I’m going to be there . Will you?

All information is located at

Get $100 off the Friday and Saturday combo registration. Use promo code: AU2015   the hotel rate of $119 –make your reservations today at: 800-HOTELS 1   (800-468-3571). Make sure that you ID the Renaissance Denver Hotel and the AuthorU group rate. This rate will disappear on April 9th.

Full details are on the website. Register now:





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