Feb 24 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
MARCH: Breaking News: How to Find and Work with the Local Media
Mar 5 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm


Authors and books love  … love publicity. Are You Getting Your Share?

And, is it the right publicity at the right time? AuthorU’s March Saturday Mornings will be like an onion … each layer will reveal new ahas, tips and the secret sauce to connect with print, radio and TV that could create a tipping point for your and your book.

Led by Rocky Mountain’s PBS Executive Producer and Colorado Matter’s host Cynthia Hessin, get ready to flip what you are doing to propel your publicity forward. Additional members of the Colorado community will be joining Cynthia from print and radio.

  • Does being on and in the media work for a book? For the author … or is it a waste of time?
  • What publicity should you be seeking?
  • How should you pitch “you”?
  • What type of follow is acceptable and what should be avoided?
  • What materials do you need and what are unnecessary?

Our morning session is dedicated for a Panel of local media pros (TV, radio and print). You will connect, get tips and tricks on how to reach out and connect for you and your book. Cynthia Hessin and Susan Gatschet will open your eyes and your ears.

Who is Cynthia Hessin?cynthiahessin1

As a member of the Rocky Mountain PBS News team, Cynthia is the executive producer and host of the weekly news/discussion program, Colorado State of Mind, and produces a variety of other projects for the statewide PBS network. A longtime Denver broadcast journalist, Hessin is familiar to the PBS audience for hosting a variety of award-winning specials, including coverage of elections and public policy issues, and appearances on the national PBS NewsHour.

Chnthia has also earned seven regional Emmy awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) for writing, producing and performance. In 2013 she was also admitted to the NATAS Silver Circle, an honor society which recognizes broadcast professionals who have worked in the industry for 25 years and have made substantial contributions to both their craft and their community.

A Denver-area native, Hessin previously worked as a news reporter and anchor at Denver television stations KCNC News 4 and KMGH Denver’s 7, where she specialized in government and policy news.  She began her broadcast career at Denver radio stations KHOW and KOA.

Susan Gatschet started volunteering at KUVO radio in 1996 and quickly gained a spot on the airwaves. Wearing a few hats, one is that she books guests for various spots of KUVO and she hosts Take Note, offering a richly diverse listening experience weekdays from 1-4 pm.

Susan is also a voice over artist, promoter, producer and camera operator. An avid photographer, Susan has shot thousands of live performances across the nation. 


Standard Fee: $32

AU Members $0:

ALL OTHERS (including BASIC): $45

REMOTE: Video and handouts one week after event (you must be registered BEFORE March 5th to take advantage of this) AU Members only $32



It’s a HOT August AM for Colorado Authors! @ The Book Shepherd's Offices
Aug 10 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm


What we’ll do in August is a great month. There’s the beauty of both the day and evening … and there is the “prep” planning that leads to the huge Fall book selling season. You will get a “what’s old and what’s new” strategy throughout the morning.

This Saturday is the perfect time to take just three hours for you to get your brainstorming and masterminding hat in the publishing ring and kick off the coming out of winter. Besides the answers to the “What I Need to Know Before I Go” that is posted on the Flip Chart, you will come away with:

* Transition from the CWO to the CMO.

* Re-launch a tired book and add sparkle to your push.

* How to use social media to master book marketing. * Learn about must-have adds for you and your book.

* Learn how to add “juice” to what you are currently doing.

* Learn new author tools to add to your success.

* Always … get any questions you have answered.

Springtime in the Rockies delivers a split weather personality–we could have a little snow; some rain; or sunshine as the day begins. Inside, there will be plenty of HOT NEW ideas that will flip what you think and turn your head and attitude about what works and doesn’t work in today’s publishing arena. All gatherings start with a flip chart and a question: what do you need? The morning is then off … who knows what paths it will take? Is there a book in the works? Are you stuck? Curious about the various publishing options? Ask your questions … AND participate.

The value of the group is to GIVE and SHARE ahas, insights, and techniques, not just TAKE. If you are a taker, Author YOU is not for you. The AuthorYOU participants are hungry for new information and delighted to share what works for them … and what doesn’t. The SALONS created will expand your projects and the breadth of your success. If you want to make your book happen … here’s the inner circle that has ideas and experience to kick start it, goose it and just get the launch started that The Book Shepherd Judith Briles leads each month. Your answers are in the room. AND … it’s MONEY FREE to attend … with two strings attached: Bring a healthy snack to share AND some new socks. Judith is a Sock Ambassador and part of a team that distributes to the Homeless and Kids in Need–, your ideas, questions, an open mind and meet other authors. No question goes unanswered! –come at 9, stay til noon– See you Saturday, August 10th. Hot Coffee and Teas are ready for you.

Warning: if you are a “no-show,” you get two passes; after two misses, future participation will be based on availability.

• What to bring Bring a snack to share and some NEW socks to give.

Location: The Book Shepherd’s Offices: 8122 S. Quatar Circle · Aurora, CO

Register here: