WebinarGOLD: Hot Tips and Tools for Authors and Writers
Oct 16 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

 Hot Tips and Tools for Authors and Writers




In social media, it’s as the globe turns—what worked in social media has been turned on its head. Get ready for a fast hour as your hear about what tools are best for your genre.

Have your questions ready.
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Time: 7 pm Eastern to 8 pm 
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Feb 24 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Author Success: Create a #1 Bestselling eBook for the New Year
Jan 18 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Wow! Wouldn’t you love to grab the top spot on Amazon’s bestseller list and learn how to keep the momentum going? Not just for an hour … for days and weeks?

-How would you like instant credibility and expert status?

-How would you like to be able to create a strategy to get buyers names and emails and grow your list in the process?

-How would you like to have a system you can use over and over again that works every time?

If you’re thinking, “Yes, I would,” you’re serious … and you want to learn Ellen Violette’s secrets in our all-new Webinar slated for Thursday, January 18th,

Our Expert to show you the way: Ellen Violette is an award-winning self-publishing and business coach, 8-time #1 bestselling author, and soon-to-be podcaster at Books Business and Abundance. She’s also a Grammy-nominated songwriter.


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It’s a HOT August AM for Colorado Authors! @ The Book Shepherd's Offices
Aug 10 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm


What we’ll do in August is a great month. There’s the beauty of both the day and evening … and there is the “prep” planning that leads to the huge Fall book selling season. You will get a “what’s old and what’s new” strategy throughout the morning.

This Saturday is the perfect time to take just three hours for you to get your brainstorming and masterminding hat in the publishing ring and kick off the coming out of winter. Besides the answers to the “What I Need to Know Before I Go” that is posted on the Flip Chart, you will come away with:

* Transition from the CWO to the CMO.

* Re-launch a tired book and add sparkle to your push.

* How to use social media to master book marketing. * Learn about must-have adds for you and your book.

* Learn how to add “juice” to what you are currently doing.

* Learn new author tools to add to your success.

* Always … get any questions you have answered.

Springtime in the Rockies delivers a split weather personality–we could have a little snow; some rain; or sunshine as the day begins. Inside, there will be plenty of HOT NEW ideas that will flip what you think and turn your head and attitude about what works and doesn’t work in today’s publishing arena. All gatherings start with a flip chart and a question: what do you need? The morning is then off … who knows what paths it will take? Is there a book in the works? Are you stuck? Curious about the various publishing options? Ask your questions … AND participate.

The value of the group is to GIVE and SHARE ahas, insights, and techniques, not just TAKE. If you are a taker, Author YOU is not for you. The AuthorYOU participants are hungry for new information and delighted to share what works for them … and what doesn’t. The SALONS created will expand your projects and the breadth of your success. If you want to make your book happen … here’s the inner circle that has ideas and experience to kick start it, goose it and just get the launch started that The Book Shepherd Judith Briles leads each month. Your answers are in the room. AND … it’s MONEY FREE to attend … with two strings attached: Bring a healthy snack to share AND some new socks. Judith is a Sock Ambassador and part of a team that distributes to the Homeless and Kids in Need–, your ideas, questions, an open mind and meet other authors. No question goes unanswered! –come at 9, stay til noon– See you Saturday, August 10th. Hot Coffee and Teas are ready for you.

Warning: if you are a “no-show,” you get two passes; after two misses, future participation will be based on availability.

• What to bring Bring a snack to share and some NEW socks to give.

Location: The Book Shepherd’s Offices: 8122 S. Quatar Circle · Aurora, CO

Register here: