Webinar: How to Be an Online Webinar Rockstar!
Nov 2 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Do YOU want to be an Online Webinar Rock Star?

You can andBore no more! should be your online motto!  Always …

Did you know that ENGAGING webinars are one of the most powerful ways in the world today to market your business, create new clients, and deliver lucrative presentations and training – without having to travel? 

Your question should be: What can I do to make my webinars and online presentations engaging, interactive, and fun? 

Get all your answers here with the Webinar Guru, Jaclyn Kostner, PhD. She will share her secrets that won rave reviews and massive business with her Fortune 100 clients.


Start with:

  1. How to choose the right technology for your webinar.
  2. How to get webinar audiences to love you.
  3. How to turn boring content into fantastic audience engagement.
  4. How to earn rave reviews and wonderful referrals.
  5. How to add pizzazz that makes your webinar memorable.

About Jaclyn Kostner, PhD

Dr. Jaclyn Kostner, a.k.a., the Webinar Guru, is a webinar engagement superstar, serving Fortune 500 clients worldwide for over 20 years.  Her webinar presentations and webinar-delivered training sessions became a model for training organizations globally.  A best-selling author, her joy is helping people catch the fever that has propelled the company she founded, Bridge the Distance, to incredible success and influence around the world.  Get ready for her to reveal her secrets with you in this delightful webinar.


WHEN: Tuesday, November 2 starting at 4 pm Mountain Time