WebinarGold: Write Your Book in a Flash

Jan 9 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm


How many times have you had a brilliant idea while: 
• Driving down the interstate at 70 MPH? 
• Standing in line at the checkout? 
• On the phone with a prospect, client, or your favorite family member? 
• Having cocktails?

You know, at that moment, you should write it down. 

Or call yourself and leave yourself a message. 
Or mention it in a Skype or Messenger chat so you can scroll back through the log and find it later. 
Or whatever.

Maybe you DO take down the idea. 
Either way, when you fire up that Word doc or pull out that yellow pad and pen to work on your book, you find yourself asking yourself things like: 

• “What was that brilliant idea I had at Costco the other day?” 
• “I know I wrote it down, but WHERE?” 
• “They had COCKTAIL NAPKINS and PENS for crying out loud… why didn’t I use them?!?” 
Just the frustration of trying to remember that brilliant idea can cause writer’s block. 
How?  You’re reluctant, either consciously or subconsciously, to write because … 

NO MORE after this all-new webinar with Dan Janal, creator of PR Leads and on the original marketing team that brought us all, “You’ve Got Mail” … Your next book … blog … your whatever will be doing a happy dance after this hour.

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