Writing and Editing Workshop

Step into 2021 a More Polished Writer and Author


Part I

Digging Out the Writer Within YOU!

An author’s words can pull in a reader … or push him out to sea. It’s all about the editing that is brought in by another set of eyes. Then there’s the Midas touch of your words, weaving stories, entertaining, creating escapism, peaking curiosity, solving problems, and making a difference.


  • Do it; take the chance! WRITE!
  • Write what you like/want to read; don’t chase fads.
  • Keep learning craft – no one is born knowing HOW to write.
  • The death of the cliché and birthing a new one.
  • Works to avoid from the get-go.
  • Creating the golden arch.


  • Why all writers need an editor.
  • Skipping an editor could be the most expensive mistake you will ever make.
  • Why English teachers aren’t editors. Or your friends. Or your relative.
  • Content, Developmental, Proofreading –who are they; what do they cost; and when do you need them.
  • How to work with an editor and let your ego go.
  • The ultimate tool for editing.

Part II

10 Awesome Online Tools for Your Writing and Author POP

Get ready to sharpen your pencils … you will be writing fast as 10 Awesome Online tools are featured for your writing, book marketing, and influence building pleasure!


Your Presenters are Editor and Author Barb Wilson, and Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd 

 WHENSaturday, November 7th at 9 to 11.30 MT

WHERE: your electronic devices … this is online. When you register, a link will be sent to you via email along with the password to join the meeting.

COST: AuthorYou members. $15 Non-members. $25


AuthorYOU Members $15

General Admittance $25

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