BookCamps – Book Marketing with a Twist

Oct 6 @ 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

… Resistance is Futile …

Saturday, October 6

With a Twist

It takes a Village to market your book. October’s BookCamp brings the Village to you … with a twist. Partnering with masters in their respective fields, Author U’s objective is to take you to the next, next level in your book marketing efforts.

Question: Why should you spend your money to come to this BookCamp?
Answer: Simply this—so you and your book can make more money!

Why do authors fail in selling their books? Let’s ID the top reasons:

All of these …

  1. They write a crummy book—let’s face, the great majority are.
  2. They fail to get professional editing—yep, ditto here, most aren’t.
  3. They rush to publish—breathe, make sure you deliver a book you don’t regret.
  4. They wait for the world to come to them—it doesn’t, you go to it.
  5. They stop learning what’s happening—the book world is changing daily.Plus this …
  6. They absolutely fail to market, market, market their wisdom and their book—the book success bottom line.

If you haven’t gotten the big picture about book marketing … it’s this: SOCIAL MEDIA is the magic sauce. For those of you who are still resisters … stop it … get over it. Now. Books are sold via the social media markets. You, savvy author, get to figure out which ones are perfect for you and your book. Most likely, there will be several—which sing to you … and are the perfect platform to start moving your wise words into changing the lives of your intended audience. The Book Marketing with a Twist BookCamp delivers the latest in book marketing strategies—the whys and how-tos. Get it on your calendar and register early.

When: Saturday, October 6th
Time: 8:30 to 4:30
Where: Doubletree SE (Aurora – Iliff/225)


Members $127

NomMembers $167

Judith Briles … Twitter Marketing with a TwistJoin:

Your key words are critical—ID them and learn to market your books using Twitter—the new frontier that the masses—from business to how-to to sci-fi to even romance are using. Judith is the Author and Publishing Master. She is the author of Show Me About Book Publishing and Author YOU-Creating and Developing Your Author and Book Platforms.

Brian Schwartz … Amazon and eBook Marketing with a Twist

Amazon and Kindle sell 70% of all eBooks. Learn the insider tricks of marketing strategies with a master in the Kindle world. Brian is the Kindle Expert.

Jamie LaRue … Library Marketing with a Twist

Libraries are every author’s friend. Learn how to step into the library world with your books, including the eBook with a special offer to Author U. Jamie is the Director of the Douglas County Libraries.

Mike Hance … Video Marketing with a Twist

Book trailers can be uniquely used to expand your global outreach along with the creation of a variety of videos. Mike is the Organizer for the Denver Writers Meet-up and organizes film festivals and comic conventions. He is finishing up his debut short story anthology 5 Silver Bullets and a Tumbler of Scotch.

Kim Dushinski … Mobile Marketing with a Twist

Your cell phone is one of the fastest growing marketing tools—books are being sold this way as well as spin-off products … why not yours? Kim knows mobile marketing, book marketing, authors and is the author of the Mobile Marketing Handbook.