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Social Media for the Real World Exposed

How Authors Can Learn It, Use It, and Still Have a Life ATTEND ONLY IF YOU WANT TO BE A ROCK STAR in connecting with MEDIA, FANS, the WORLD!   EARLY BIRD ENDS TODAY

Does social media overwhelm you? Having trouble getting started or keeping going? Not sure what platform to use or what to write or when to post it?

There’s no doubt all authors need to use social media. What many authors doubt is whether they can learn to use it effectively while still living a life and writing more books.

We’re here to tell you that you CAN. But you need to do the work upfront to see success and that takes an investment of time. In the beginning, your life will be more about social media than you’re used to, but if you follow the guidelines we present to you in the 2015 Author U BookCamp, you will gain time back.

Sign up and get all this:

  • How magical thinking is killing your motivation and progress
  • Be your own chiropractor: identify the pain points holding you back and fix them
  • Why you can’t build on a cracked foundation (are your basics REALLY taken care of?)
  • How to conduct your own social media audit
  • KISS your platforms and your tools (Keep It Simple, Silly)
  • Why you need the double C’s: Curation and Creation
  • What to write, how to write, and when to post
  • Visual content marketing: yes, you have to do it
  • Real world examples of real world authors

You get a workbook filled with worksheets and useful info, a better understanding of how to make social media fit into your life, an overall strategy, and specific plan laid out for the next full week. You also get access to the instructor Melody Jones and to Judith Briles.

Ask them anything and everything!

Date: Saturday, October 3rd  LUNCH is included
Time: 8:30 to 4: 30
Where: Garcia’s Restaurants, 5050 S Syracuse CO
Cost: Early Bird Member rate through September 15th Members: $89  NonMembers: $129
Tardy Bird from September 16th on: Members $109  NonMembers $159
Register: on www.AuthorU.org under EVENTS

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