Dinner and a Program

Literary Agents Undercover!

November 15th 

Imagine what it would be like for you as author to go “undercover” as a literary agent for 7 years… to figure out how to get your own books published. That’s exactly what former NY Times bestselling literary agent Mark Malatesta did. During this talk you’ll discover all the insider secrets you need to know to get a traditional publisher like Random House (whether you’re still unpublished or already self-published). You’ll learn why now is the best time ever to get a traditional book deal. And you’ll get FREE access to Mark’s brand new Directory of Literary Agents, the most comprehensive (and accurate) directory of literary agents in the world today (1,000+ agents sorted into 116 genres).

Do you go the traditional publishing route … and if you choose to, who should be, will be, your guide and advocate? Even if you publish your own books … there just might be the day when a switch possibility comes your way. What do you do? How do you do it? Where do you get help? Answers will be here with Mark, Malatesta—the Literary Agent Undercover—all attendees will get access to his Agent Directory … yep, all 1300 contacts. Tonight is all about everything you need to know but didn’t know what to ask when it comes to working with and getting a literary agent.

Registration = $30

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One Thursday evening a month (except for BootCamp, Extravaganza months and December), members and guests can attend dinner and a workshop program. A variety of topics are featured, all critical to the development of the author and the success of the book. Author U has chosen to meet during the week vs. a Saturday—there only a few each month and an author needs them.


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FOR LATE REGISTRATIONS: After Tuesday, late registrations and Walk-ins can’t be guaranteed dinner or power for their computers—both have to be pre-ordered and pre-paid. We will do our best to accommodate you, but understand that early registrants get priority.  See you at the meeting!