Code of Ethics

The Board of Directors of Author U(niversity) states that establishing and maintaining public confidence in the integrity of authoring and publishing by and through the organization are fundamental to the success and viability of the organization and its membership.

In furtherance of its mission to create and sustain the highest levels of public and private integrity of Author U(niversity), the Board of Directors adopts this Code of Ethics. Accepting this Code of Ethics shall be a condition of membership and fulfilling the terms and conditions and spirit of this Code of Ethics shall be a condition for maintaining membership in Author U(niversity).

Actions deemed contrary to any article of this Code by any Author U(niversity) member shall be judged by the Board of Directors in accordance with the policies and procedures stated in the Bylaws of Author U(niversity).

Any action deemed a violation of this Code of Ethics that may result in disciplinary action including terminating membership. Such disciplinary action shall be instituted by the Board of Directors. The findings and decisions of the Board of Directors shall be final and binding upon such member or members. No member shall have recourse against Author U(niversity), its directors, officers, members or employees. The results of any disciplinary action will be formally announced to Author U(niversity) members in The Resource, Author U(niversity)’s eMagazine.

The Board of Directors has the right to decline membership in Author U(niversity) to any applicant if it has knowledge, direct or indirect, of behavior, including speech, of such applicant which would constitute a violation of any provision of the Code of Ethics.

By applying for membership to Author U(niversity) and by signing this Code of Ethics,, applicant agrees to the following:

Article 1: Author U(niversity) members shall treat other members with courtesy, dignity and respect. Members will respect the personal and business confidentiality of other members.

Article 2: Author U(niversity) members shall conduct their business on the highest professional level and not bring discredit to AuthorU(niversity), its members or to the publishing profession.

Article 3: Author U(niversity) members shall avoid using materials, titles or thematic creations originated by others, either orally, graphically or otherwise, unless the use has been approved by the originator.

Article 4: Author U(niversity) members shall protect the public and other members against fraud and unfair practices, and shall use his/her best efforts to eliminate any practice that may bring discredit to the publishing profession, to AuthorU(niversity) or to its members.

Article 5: Author U(niversity) members will not engage in any action or practice or agreement that will or will likely unfairly limit or restrain access to the marketplace by any other Author U(niversity) member based upon economic factors, race, creed, color, sex, age, disability or country of national origin.

Article 6: Author U(niversity) members will not engage in any action or practice that takes advantage of or exploits the comparative lack of knowledge or lack of expertise or the financial status of any Author U(niversity) member or member of the public.

Your joining of Author U(niversity) and acceptance of membership signifies that you agree to the above.