Back Book Covers Need to Rock! Advice from the Book Coach / Shepherd

Back Covers Are as Critical as the Front! Too many authors focus on the cover and forget that the major sales come from the back cover. Covers say pick me up, look at me … and turn me over. It all happens in less than 10 seconds. Next is the flip—your back cover could get a good 20 second look over. You need a new, bold headline—one that pops –in font size, even color. Do not, do not, repeat the title of the book as your headline—you’ve already done it on the front cover. This is the second headline.

It should lead the eye with tantalizing tidbits, facts and copy that keeps the reader following—into your “piece de resistance.” If you have a dust jacket or flaps, you get more real estate to pitch within with the inner flap over one more headline and goodies that further draws the reader in. The next thing your potential buyer does is a quick look at the bio paragraph—do you know what you are talking about, have the credentials that support the topic? And the last, a quick thumbing through the book to look at the interior—is it presented in a readable format? There’s much more to a book than the front cover.

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