Awakening Your Author and Book Spirit during the Holidays.


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Author New Year to You from AuthorU to you.


The, the colors, the festivities, the gatherings and the changes of pace the Holiday season brings can stimulate or exhaust you. The long anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens certainly woke up millions of movie goers, breaking records this past weekend. Launching forward 30 years from where it left devotees 10 years ago, AuthorU members who joined the crowds report back woots for the two-hour plus adventure.


It’s a wonderful time of “togetherness” with family and friends; and, a time of reflection on the past year … and think forward. Next week is, gulp, the beginning of 2016. And your continuation or creation of AUTHOR SUCCESS

As you spend time with those you are close to, it’s a natural to noodle a bit. They all know you have a book … or the one you are writing. Are they encouragers or stompers? Do they celebrate each step or shake their heads thinking it’s a folly? And how about you … where … exactly are you in the process? During this final week of the year, this is the time to look back and look forward. What worked? What didn’t? And if something, just didn’t work, what are your plans. Scrap it? Morph it? See if it will right itself? What?

Here’s some big questions to ask yourself to add to your Holiday Plate (and to answer):

  • What are you going to do the same; keep doing–yet change a bit; or add new to your authoring/publishing mix? Why?
  • What’s worked this year?  Why?  
  • Are you going to continue to do the same or change it up a bit? Why?
  • What’s not worked? Why?
  • Are you going to keep it in the mix? Or change it up a bit? Why?
  • What would you like to add? Why?

What do you need to do … as in now … to awaken your author and book spirits … so that The Force becomes your driver?

Share your thoughts and comments… we will put them together for a future blog.

All of us at AuthorU want you to know how much you are appreciated.  So many of our authors have won national book awards again this year, many have enjoyed multiple reprints, and of course … just getting that back DONE and OUT is huge!






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