Authoring, Writing and Book Publishing Tips for February 27, 2015

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The weekend is here … here’s three items to goose your power as an author and indie publisher.


Validate Your Topic and Words

Are people interested in your topic … your area of expertise? Do a quick search to find out how many are using a key phrase that describes you and/or what your do and/or the topic of your book. It’s time for a key word search. Go to and see what the number is that is searching for your key words. If it’s minimal … like a few hundred/thousand a month, you want to goose it up. Do that my changing your key words. You may know that your topic is “hot” … but if you are using the wrong descriptive words, the Internet isn’t going to find you.

Abbreviations Ahas

abreviationsAlways spell out the name of a state or countries; don’t use abbreviations. E.g., CO should be Colorado; Can should be Canada, Eur should be Europe, SC should be South Carolina. (An exception would be DC for District of Columbia.)

Ditto with companies and associations. You may know what they stand for, but your reader may not.


Writing Tip 
Mix your sentences lengths up. Long sentences are, well, long. The reader gets lost and either starts over or starts readabilityskipping. Don’t get caught up in paragraph perpetuity. Today’s reader needs visual breaks. Think short paragraphs in your writing. You want the reader to feel comfortable as he or she reads your amazing copy.


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