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You never know where you name, your book, your expertise can be picked up and shouted out by media. Here’s a few tips to give you a goose along the way.


1         Are you looking to connect with media—both national and regional. Have you registered with HARO (Help a Reporter Out)? It  is a service that helps reporters

find sources for stories. Each day they send out three emails with lists of requests from reporters. Within the email are quick bullet point types of queries—if any address your expertise area, the contact info is there for you to reach out with your mini pitch of who you are, what your expertise is and how to contact you. Simple. In just few minutes you can scan the list to see if anyone is looking for an expert in your topic area. If not delete it and continue with your “work.”

What’s hot? It’s all FREE! Sign up at the HARO website:


2         USA Today is the #1 paper that producers quickly look at to seed ideas. Are you subscribing to the FREE version? Download the app to your mobile and make it a     habit to look at it daily. If there is anything in your topic area, you can bet the your local media has seen it to. Pick up the phone and pitch YOU to the News division or call local radio station and ask them which program/host would cover your expertise and then reach out to the producer. Link YOU to the USA Today article.


3         If there is a crisis or scandal brewing, coattail to it. Juxtaposition your expertise/book to it and create a press release and blast it out through a variety of channels, such as Most News rooms have emails that you can easily discover via Google. You never know where these will land.


4         Create a blog using the key words/phrases from the crisis or scandal. Yes indeed—and add a hashtag to it. Why, because whatever is being buzzed about most likely has the # in front of the word that IDs it in the media’s eye. It becomes a “trending” topic and you could get some of the zillions of eyes looking at you, your website.


5         Be willing to be outrageous or cheeky in a headline for an article or blog—also social media hooks that will lead to your website with article/blog posted.





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Judith Briles is a book publishing expert and coach. She empowers authors and is the Founder of Author U, a membership organization created for the serious author who wants to be seriously successful. She’s been writing about and conducting workshops on publishing since the 80s. Judith is the author of 34 books including Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms (ForeWord IndieFab Book of the Year), Snappy Sassy Salty: Wise Words for Authors and Writers and a speaker at publishing conferences. Book #34 was published this summer: The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors & Writers. Get your copy.

Become part of her inner circle by joining the Author’s Ark and exclusive monthly webinar and coaching event. Each summer, she holds Judith Briles Book Publishing Unplugged, a three day intensive limited to a small group of authors who want to be seriously successful. In 2015, the dates are August 27-29th.  Her audio and workbook series, Creating Your Book and Author Platform is now available. Join Judith live on Thursdays at 6 p.m. EST for Author U – Your Guide to Book Publishing on the Toginet Network at .

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