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Is There A Book Signing In You? Author U isn’t a fan of indiscriminate book signings—ask an author and most will tell you that they can be downright awful. Do them, but be selective. To enhance your event:
1 Do make sure that the bookstore has ordered a sufficient quantity of books and bring extra books for signings—stores do sell out and most will happily “buy” from your stock, paying you later.
2 Do be pro-active. Don’t expect people just to “show up”. You’ve got to be the key factor that they come. Send post cards, emails—anything to encourage them to come.
3 Do make it festive. Bring cookies, colored napkins. Ask your contact before if it’s OK. Do think about give-aways. Your book is a celebration. The only folks who get to truly sit are the literary celebs whose name alone brings in the crowds—you know…the ones that the book store says that tickets will be available starting at 5:30PM.
4 Get Active. Don’t just sit behind a desk expecting the world to come to you. Boring!
5 If you read from your book, make sure you read a powerful section that leaves them wanting more, asking questions.
6 Do a mini-work shop (my favorite) … lead with something from your book, then launch into a few points that include your point, a story or illustration to support it, your point again, then to the next point. This is old fashion sales.
7 Don’t forget visuals … graphs, photos, your picture, giant poster of your book cover—at the front of the store and by you.


 If you are looking for FREE author and book coaching … call in to Judith’s Author Monday Mornings at NOON Eastern each Monday. The number is 218-632-9854; Access Code 1239874444 … have your questions ready–there’s a full hour to ask and listen.

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