Author Alert: Kindle Unlimited Is … Disappointedly Limited

e Book News alert: Kindle Unlimited adoption continued to grow last month, but unfortunately it grew faster than Amazon’s willingness to fund it. kindle-unlimited

Last month, Amazon released the latest statistics on KDP Select, the program used to fund indie author and publisher participation in Kindle Unlimited. You may recall all the hype around the launch of Kindle Unlimited in July of 2014–that it would be like a revenue stream a la Netflix. There were plenty of us doubting Thomas’ and Thomasinas out here.

Amazon reported that the pool for KDP Select for March 2015 had been increased to $9.5 million. Now that sounds hot … yet with the other announcement tongue, it reported separately that the payout for each time an ebook was read had dropped to $1.33.

Does that mean that readers have dropped too? Nope, they’ve actually increased–since January, the number is up another million to just over seven million reads. So what’s up with less payments ?

It’s in the math … the number of readers have grown–good news; but the moneys in the kitty to be shared by all the publishers/authors in the program hasn’t increased in the same proportion. That means that there is less moneys to pay out from Amazon’s kitty pool to the publisher/author pool.

Recommendation: take a pass. The Kindle Unlimited is better for Amazon than the author–it’s not fantabulous for you. If you list your eBook in the $2.99 to $9.99 range, Kindle pays out 70 percent … that means $2.09 to $6.99 for each eBook that is sold.

Do the math–and get out and market your eBook. Better yet, participate in Amazon’s Matchbook program–a combo of print book and eBook.

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