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Author of: Samantha and the Legend of the Whispering Trees 

Recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award and a USA News Best Book Finalist

 “Tressi Ten Tips to Get Kids Outdoors and Love Nature” 

Award winner in the Children’s Novelty & Gift Book Category of the 2015 USA Best Books Awards

Coming next Hanging Cloud- A different stewardess adventure

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“Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth and I’ll believe it. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” Indian Proverb


Philippa Burgess

Philippa Burgess discovered AuthorU in 2014, and has served as an active volunteer for the past year. She Philippa Squarewas instrumental in launching and managing the new member area of AuthorU its new levels for Basic, Gold, Bestseller and Bestseller Local and all of the associated benefits. In addition to her new role at AuthorU, she works as a professional in Marketing, PR and Creative Project Management.

Before moving to Colorado two years ago, Philippa spent almost two decades in Los Angeles working in literary Hollywood (developing and selling screenplays, packaging films and bringing books to film and television) starting at a major talent agency after graduating from the University of Southern California (USC).

When she’s not out enjoying her new life in Colorado, working with writers, writing, marketing, producing, or attending the Emmys (which she will be on September 20), she is training in Kung Fu to earn her 3rd Degree Black Belt. Her website is 


Georgeanne Hall

Georgann Hall, Membership Director

Georgann does editing and handles the marketing for Parachuting Publishing. She’s a retired teacher and is learning everything she can about the publishing and authoring business. Her website is >



Melody Jones

Melody Jones, Director of Social Media

Melody Jones, owner of Melody Jones | Social Media Management Services, takes care of the day-to-day so you don’t have to. She’s your social media aspirin, here to make managing an author’s social media presence as painless as possible.

Working from a philosophy of partnership, Melody knows the most successful results begin with clear communication and offers an extensive initial consultation designed to gain a thorough understanding of client mission, goals, marketing strategy, social media efforts, frustrations, and successes. To connect with Melody, join her on Facebook at

Sharon headshot

Sharon Worrell

Co-Author of the award winning book, Sexual Addiction—One Couple’s Journey to Discover the Strategies for Healing and the soon-to-be-released ebook: Think Different—Be Different: How Reframing Perceptions Can Change Your Life.

President of Non-Profit: Strategies for Healing Hearts—Restoring Individuals and Families Wounded by Addiction and Abuse

Vice-President of Strategies for Healing, Inc. A counseling ministry committed to integrating body, soul & spirit—employing innovative tools assisting individuals, couples and families seeking answers to complex issues with trauma, fears, compulsive behaviors, anxiety, and emotional roadblocks by exposing, educating and empowering.

Since becoming associated with Author U, Sharon and her husband Gary have learned the business of becoming authors and speakers–enhancing their abilities to reach people with their message. Author U has been a key part of that learning curve; without which the outcome would have been very different.

Linda Lane

Linda Lane, Director and Editor of The Author Resource ezine

As the principal in Pen & Sword Publishers Ltd., Linda Lane expands and defines the editor’s role in today’s publishing marketplace.  An outgrowth of Edit et Cetera Ltd. and Stepping Stones Press, it broadened their horizons to incorporate new technologies such as ebooks, readers (Kindle, etc.), and other innovations that promote reading and writing.

In addition to editing and layout, she offers book cover and interior design, writing and editing workshops, along with substantive editing and ghostwriting services and traditional editing services. She has served as editor of other publishing newsletters in addition to being on the ground floor to create The Author’s Resource.

Linda is also the author of Treacherous Tango.

Shannon Parish

Shannon Parish, Newsletter Layout Artist, Cartoonist, Graphic Recorder

Shannon Parish has worked with professional speakers, authors and writers, small businesses, and non-profits for over 30 years. She understands the needs and importance of providing a variety of services and loves working with authors and seeing their books flourish. Connect with her at Shannon Parish.



John Maling, Editor and Indexer  Ashography Event Photography

Publisher of Mile High Press, Editor and Author John Maling has had his hands, and eyes, into the art of writing and authoring since he can remember. Several of the books that he’s edited have won multiple awards, including his own book, Have You Ever Held a Mountain? Information on his editing is at The Book Shepherd and Mile High Press.