10 Top Tips for Meeting Exhibitors and Participating at the Extravaganza

The Extravaganza is days away.

Author U Extravaganza

With the all the last minute details, and yes—overwhelm—that the Extravaganza brings, one of the smart things to do is to make sure you meet and talk with all the Exhibitors—even if you didn’t think you needed their services. Why … there are gems on their tables and gems in their experiences that just could be the nugget you were looking for … and didn’t know. We will have a Bingo again this year to sign off with each one. Speak with ALL the printers, the designers—there are a few that have never been to the Extravaganza before … and even a provider of beautiful jewelry—hey, we girls need to look fetching when we are speaking and signing books.

Top Tips to ease your way around the Exhibit space AuthorU Extravaganza 2015 Exhibitors

1        Ask for side meetings during the Extravaganza—the Exhibitors are there from 2 p.m. Thursday through 1:30 pm Saturday. Regular Exhibit time is busy, ask for a one-on-one time with them between Exhibit time.

2        Do your research beforehand. In the workbook you get at registration, look at the Exhibitor section immediately. All Exhibits will be on the right side of the room. Then schedule time to walk around to their booths and network.

3        Speak with anyone at the booth, even if it’s just for a few minutes. You never know what connections can be made down the road. Pick up all info that is available.

4        Follow up post the Extravaganza.

5        Bring business cards. You’ll meet a lot of people—make sure your email, phone # and address are on them.

Top Tips for Special Activities

1        Get your VIDEO done at the Extravaganza for only $50 Randy Price and i25productions, inc. have their cameras and lights ready. Will you be? Your shoot time is 15 minutes—about you, your book, your _____. Think your website, YouTube, a speaking promo, book club promo, what?

Bring a flash drive and you can take away the copy as soon as you are finished. Otherwise, a link will be emailed to you.

Grab your spot at the Extravaganza Registration desk ASAP.

Friday            2:30-5:30
Saturday     10:00-1:00

2        Get Author Photos … essential for your website, any media you are doing, your blog, your books. You have the opportunity to get a customized | personalized author shoot during the Extravaganza for only $250. Reserve your slot now—half are already taken. Ashlee Bratton is fabulous with her eyes and lens!

3        Get One-on-One consults with key speakers … 15 minutes of laser time for only $20.

4        Get a massage break with Debra Rapinchuk. Back for a third year, Debra and her neck, back, arm relief magic chair will be close to the escalator in the Registration area. Fifteen minutes all for you for only $20 … prepay at Registration—your body will say, “Thank You!”

5        The Author Shark Tank and awarding of the Draft to Dream Book Publishing Competition all happens on late Thursday afternoon—after the Eaglet/Eagle sessions and just before Heather Lutze’s Deep Dive Dinner Workshop on Findability. You don’t want to miss them. top-ten-tips


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