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Author Book Camp

Is Fiction your platform? Have you thought about transforming your Nonfiction to a fiction story line? Would you like to include Stories and Dialogue within your Nonfiction Book? Would you like to “craft” your writing so that it lures and hooks your reader?

Bang out of TypewriterIn other words:

  • Do you have a book in you?
  • Feel overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start?
  • Trying to figure out how long it’ll take?
  • Wondering how good you can make it?

Take yourself on a journey that will give you three degrees: a Bachelor’s in Book Architecture, a Masters in Narrative Voice, and a PhD in connecting your book to your readers’ core interests.

Your guide is multiple-award-winning, best-selling fiction author Mara Purl. She will weave you through her five-act workshop designed to have you put your reader IN the room with your characters; that your themes are consistent; that your branding for you and your book reflect exactly what you envision.



How to Have a Successful Book Launch

PURPLE Let copyAll books need a send-off. Dr. Judith Briles will demonstrate a variety of strategies to kick your book off to the start it needs to build the buzz, bring in the buyers and brand you as the “go to” expert.

Book Launching is exciting. It can also be exhausting and overwhelming. The grand news, especially for the indie and self-publishing author, is that book-launching can now be created as a “serial” activity. Get ready to add JUICE to you and your book to create a buzz your book deserves.



Intellectual Property for Authors and Writers

Intellectual Property … you want an expert who knows the ins and out of IP and is a master weaver in protecting the rights of owners of patents and trademarks.

You will get sage and savvy advice and ahas “straight from the horse’s mouth” … Molly Kocialski knows intellectual property backwards and forward.
And you will absorb and learn what IP really is, how to protect yourself, your books and anything else that falls under the IP umbrella.Intellectual-property

Whatever your questions, Molly has seen it all as an attorney, advocate and leader in the field.

  • What is Intellectual Property and why should you care?
  • How can you protect yourself?
  • What steps should you take if your IP has been violated or stolen?
  • When does it make sense to Trademark your material?
  • What are the steps to take in Trademarking and what are the costs?




The Secrets of Getting Reviews on Amazon

amazon-reviewsAmazon has changed the “rules” again for obtaining and posting book reviews. Get the insight and updates from Dr. Judith Briles as she shares what authors need to know, what approach to take and how to work with these new guidelines from Amazon.




Marketing Your Audio Book Video

Richard Rieman is an Audible Approved Audiobook narrator, audiobook producer, professionally trained Voice Actor, and author of “The Author’s Guide to AudioBook Creation.” Richard shares ideas and tips on audiobooks and how authors may market them.





How to Work with Bookstores – the Tattered Cover Tells all

image011The Tattered Cover Tells All with Len Vlahos, the new owner of the Tattered Cover. He’s here for the AuthorU community to present an in-depth program on what’s happen at the Tattered Cover and how authors can work with them and get featured.